Kanthasamy may be good but the trailer sucks ! And the audio release function that was live broadcasted on Sun TV was a mass jalra event just like any other kollywood function. Wonder why Rahman was even sitting there the whole time.

I suspect the whole effort just because of the way Dhanu promotes his movies and then turns back on his heroes if the movie sucks in box-office. Susi and Vikram are betting big time on this movie but I have my own doubt. The premise of the movie that talks about a super-hero is all fine but I’m not sure how it would be executed on-screen. Let’s wait for the movie but meanwhile, I’m going to quit watching every single kollywood event like this.

9 responses to “Kanthasamy!”

  1. manju Avatar

    From Anniyan, Vikram’s graph is on the low. I don’t expect much on Kanthasamy either. He has got carried away with his stardom, i hope he realises it and concentrates on selecting scripts which focuses on his acting talent, like he used to before. Only console as of now is he acting in MR’s Raavan.


  2. backgroundscore Avatar

    the funny thing is that with A.R.Rahman sitting in the front row, one of the trailers of Kanthaswamy had his own music ‘Divinity Theme” from Elizabeth: The Golden age as the background score


  3. Praveen Avatar

    I have no hopes frm this flick.
    Am just eager to see Vikram is Ashokavanam (where he plays Ravan) and Ravan (where he plays Ram)


  4. Gowri Shankra Avatar

    If its a superhero movie, then why the hell it has 8 songs in it!! Damn! Our tamil cinema will never break the rules. Even if songs doesn’t appear stuffed in, 8 songs are a bit too much for any movie. I was actually surprised to see Shreya putting up a dance perfomance at the stage! This is something I’ve never seen before! Too much of promotion, but as LG said, the trailer really sucks!

    Note : Not sure Dhanu is used to hitting back at his heros once the movie flops, but I remember that he did that for “Aalavandhaan”. But, the reason why he hit back at Kamal was quite reasonable.


  5. Abhishek Avatar

    Thala padam is Anniyan + Sivaji is my guess.and we know how bad a combo that is!:)


  6. Dot Avatar

    Hi Gowri Shankra,

    “the reason why he hit back at Kamal was quite reasonable” – how so ?


  7. Dinesh Avatar

    Ya, I dont expect much of Kanthasamy. Like you mentioned, Dhanu is going to blame it totally on Susi and vikram when the movie flops.


  8. Zombie Avatar

    there is an old (and wise) saying – Empty vessels make most noise.


  9. vani Avatar

    i think this movie goin to flop of its too much of publicity.as said by Dinesh empty vessels make most noise…and i truly in bottom of my heart felt angry with the director who spend the money like water to buy costumes for the hero n heroines of this movie.is the heroine of this movie realy wears cloths??i hope this movie would flop…….


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