Kanthasamy may be good but the trailer sucks ! And the audio release function that was live broadcasted on Sun TV was a mass jalra event just like any other kollywood function. Wonder why Rahman was even sitting there the whole time.

I suspect the whole effort just because of the way Dhanu promotes his movies and then turns back on his heroes if the movie sucks in box-office. Susi and Vikram are betting big time on this movie but I have my own doubt. The premise of the movie that talks about a super-hero is all fine but I’m not sure how it would be executed on-screen. Let’s wait for the movie but meanwhile, I’m going to quit watching every single kollywood event like this.


Dragon – Redux

Sigappilley Dragon Padamum
Sirithidum Buddhan Silayum
Vaitheney Therkku Moolayiley

Pala Pala Thadai Thaandi Vandhaai
Vaasthuvai Ellam Poiye Endraai
Kodiya Saathaaney Ennai
Thooki Sella Vaaaaaaah !!

Redux from here. Going to watch Kakkha Kakkha today after a long time.