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3 Stupid Questions is not a mock. Genuine questions to be/not to be answered. I don’t intend to answer them but just throw it out to the world and see what happens(even if nothing happens). 3SQ will be served as often as I hit hit eureka with the next set of stupid qs.

1) Why do blogs start resembling mainstream media as they become popular ? So is blogging a reason to beat the bureaucracy, get big and become a part of it ?

2) Blogs written by non-sub-intellectuals still discuss Indian politics, explain ?

3) Hollywood has bad acting but not so easily spotted like Kolly/Bolly/Tollywood. Kollywood has bad acting in every single movie. Recent example, Naan Kadavul. What makes the difference ?

5 thoughts on “3SQ

  1. 1: Everyone Subconsciously wants to make a meal out of every opportunity! Some do it blatantly others in restrained fashion but the Goal remains the Same!

    3: Bigwigs of Indian Film Industry still believe that Hollywood poop doesn’t stink.


  2. 1) Most (and not all) of the blogs do start resembling mainstream media when they are popular. The popularity/money introduces a compelling behavior in the blogger to only start writing what the reader wants versus what he wants to write but also to start changing the look and feel of his professional space so that people understand that he is popular now. There are certainly bloggers out there who havent changed irrespective of their popularity. Ex: http://www.sethgodin.com

    2) They are under the perception that are creating quality content. People should/could avoid reading them, but what if most readers are themselves at the intellectual level as the blogger is? Ex: look at how many people read http://www.kiruba.com!

    3) Technical/Production values of the film.


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