Naan ‘Boring’ Kadavul

Naan Kadavul didn’t strike a chord in me. It was a typical Bala movie aimed at making wet hankies over a hyped and pointless story. The whole concept of Aham Brahmasmi was wrongly used and preached. The only saving grace was the clandestine black humor in Jeyamohan’s dialogues and the amazing ‘acting’ of the ‘real’ mendicants.

Aarya was terribly artificial. Ajith would have been a worst choice. It’s time Bala starts making real movies instead of hashing out the same sethu-type characters and Pithamahan type storylines.

Just like Sethu, Subramaniyapuram and ParuthiVeeran where the directors bagged on capitalizing the viewer by making him cry, Naan Kadavul uses the beggar underworld. The beggar world is certainly a revelation and this subplot could have impacted millions had it been made into a full fledged movie or even a documentary.

And if you think I’m wrong for the first time, I’m not. I’ve committed this mistake of starting a bala flame war earlier, although unintentionally. Head here for more.

6 responses to “Naan ‘Boring’ Kadavul”

  1. Pop Avatar

    //It’s time Bala starts making real movies instead//
    Yes, very true. I want our lean fit heroes thrashing 10 Foreign born muscular villains. I want all the dream songs to be done in Foreign Soils, I want happy ending no matter what happens in the story, I want Illogical movie just to entertain us. Even if it takes lot of commitment, time and hardwork, I don’t want Bala to even try any Un-Real movies.
    Perarasu, please only you can give us some REAL movies.


  2. lazygeek Avatar


    your comment seems to be ‘vecha kudumi saracha mottai’. you are talking about another extreme. all I wanted to convey was that the writing seems to be of a very low quality. especially the pointless wavering of story right in the middle of movie when the protagonist has no role to play except at the fag end.


  3. nalla Avatar

    I think it was evident from the first few minutes itself. It is well known that bala is not known for his story. He is not a good creator. Perhaps a good director. But the key question is, why did’nt jayamohan notice this ? Was’nt he the screen writer ? I wonder. Portraying realistically is nice, but not forsaking the screenplay.


  4. Sreekrishnan Avatar

    I dont think you are wrong, but i think you are missing a point. The point here is fictional meet of 2 different worlds. A world where is it optimistic, courageous, Ruthless and thinks that they are world and they are god – Which meets another world which has given up on the world, pessimistic and just doesnt know what to do to make their life better. One lives on death and the other waits for death.

    How fictional (and thoughtful) is it to mix the two worlds. Its fiction and can never happen – but, what if ! And i think that is the point. He has very much played within the char. of the 2 worlds and made a simple story…

    i’d say – this is how you make fiction from reality !


  5. Zombie Avatar

    hi Lazy,
    I totaly agree with you – Naan Kadavul is a boring movie –
    But I also observed that it was a better film than Mani’s movies after Roja and all Shankar’s movies after boys. When unwanted stuff goes inside a director’s head, creativity gets lost.
    Hope new directors crop up and take Tamil cinema higher.
    – Zombie.


  6. Anon Avatar

    No sweat, Lazy! Bala has fizzled out. And, yes his Male protagonists intolerably overact. It’s high time Bala takes
    it seriously and extracts a realistic performance but that’s like expecting Maniratnam to get rid of Monologues! Trademarks never vanish!
    By the way, the best portrayal of Aham Brahmasi in films is by a well known Atheist Kamal Hassan in Anbe Sivam!


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