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The trolls are not going to like this. But I personally think Vijay is going to be the next superstar, a position that Rajini holds today. It’s not like he is going to be the next Rajini. For that matter, Rajini wasn’t the next MGR. He took a similar spot and re-invented it(or it was thrust on him, whatever). Vijay will do that too and we are witnessing it happen. This isn’t a post to compare and contract Rajini to Vijay but to think through why Vijay, despite the fact that he does some bad cinema, will make it as the next super star.

Vijay, like Rajini can evoke heroism in his movies. When Vikram, Ajith, Surya and many others have the same playing ground like Vijay, none of them have used it effectively like him. They wouldn’t want to do such masala films and its their prerogative. Simbhu and Dhanush look like kids doing vishk vishk heroism. Since there is no one else , as of today, to compete with Vijay on this, he is the next superstar-like-star.

Vijay’s rising fan clubs are also one other reason. He is treading on the same path as Rajini. Some might argue that Rajini was a better actor than Vijay. But that’s nearly an useless argument. Because after Thillu Mullu, the actor Rajini was long gone. The mass effect plays a very important part in turning an actor into a Superstar. We have more than a handful of samples for this. MGR, NTR and now Rajini. So Vijay’s fan clubs and his growing fan base(kids and rural youth) have made him into a ‘minimum guarantee’ hero for film producers. Not just minimum guarantee but a ‘big opening’ guaranteed hero.

So it doesn’t really matter if he has a small string of flops, he can bounce back provided the flops don’t keep happening. Pokirri, ATM and Kurvi’s failure at the box-office hasn’t affected Vijay by any measure. He will contine to have 32 producers lining-up at his house every morning and he has more than enough directors in Kodambakkam, smoking wills and racking their brains(not really needed for a masala movie) to create a storyline for him.

So what should Vijay do ? Nothing. Sit tight and stay the course. Kamal once said that he had to act a hundred films before he could make Raja Paarvai and Guna. So Vijay has a long way to go even if he wants to turn into a Ulaga Nayagan(which I should say impossible, given Vijay’s calibre) and I think he is on the right path of masala stardom.

His dad Chandrasekar, in the recent interview to Vikatan, talks about Vijay entering the Tamil Nadu politics. Whether you and I can do anything about it or not, its probably going to happen. Did we not see Vijaykanth making it to politics ? The legendary parties that made fun of him are now calling him as serious competition. It will happen to Vijay too. Good Luck !!

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21 responses to “Jabber – On Vijay”

  1. Lazy,

    Pl do post the success of
    Dasavatharam as some freaking media hiding the facts like sify.
    Tomm is 50th day of Dasa.
    It’a big hit in Tn, Kerala, Andhra & Karnataka.
    And I’am a Kamal Veriyan.


  2. //Pokirri and Kurvi’s failure at the box-office//

    Appudiyaa? Kuruvi is a failure but not Pokirri.

    //The legendary parties that made fun of him are now calling him as serious competition. It will happen to Vijay too.//
    chance-a illa. I don’t think so. Vijayakanth fan base is very strong and matured. They r too good in ‘Kalap pani’ (களப்பணி).

    BTW, who is Jabber?


  3. Raja, Jabber – Rapid and indistinct speech. Valavala talk.

    BTW, I know how media commented on Vijaykanth before he entered politics. They have changed the tune today and have started to see him as a serious competition.


  4. I am not sure if Vijay will take Rajni’s place, but he is sure to take Vijay Kanth’s place, especially in terms of movies he is acting in. Just the jump from the far away building to the railway track in Kuruvi proves that he is the next Vijay Kanth 😉


  5. Lazy,

    Vijay’s position is still debatable, which makes him vulnerable at the box office at any given time!!
    When movies like Ranga, murattu kaalai or pokkiri raja were superhits, they did for only one reason and that is rajni!!
    His rule over the box office was of the highest magnitude! Thats because he had a clear definition of what entertainment is and what people usually fantasize. Vijay is smart to an extent given his sense of music and dance and to an extent humor! But to rule the box-office much more has to be required!

    Ajith has an attitude (atleast his public image) that inspires his fans and a good screen presence, Surya has his Guru’s dedication and a wonderful choice of picking scripts, Vikram for his part picks the most brilliant directors…
    Vijay faces competition in every step! Entering politics would only make him the laughing stock of the town. He has never shown any static or dynamic knowledge of politics till date anyplace!

    Just some opinions…Vijay? Superstar? Debatable and left to speculation..


  6. See the apology of one asshole. He needs to be kicked out of TN and let him act in Kannada films.
    Tamilians need to unite and kick this beggar out.
    Satyaraj & Vijaykant will be enjoying with beers.


  7. Of late..Vijay has become more like SRK…its all about packaging… when there is poor packaging movies like ATM, Kuruvi are washouts…remember no superstars have had these washouts at their peak.

    The article has come from somebody whoz much biased with Vijay.. thats proves with his review of BILLA…there were lots of better things to be talked abt in the movie but he chose to write only the worst. and similarly this has boosting all the better aspects of vijay… pleaase growup guys before analysing somebody…

    And the worst thing is as per this article Pokiri is also a flop “Pokirri, ATM and Kurvi’s failure at the box-office hasn’t affected Vijay…” Thats the only movie which was a hit in recent times… poor Vijay is gonna feel bad.

    And Lazy, having these kinda things of articles doesnt match your kinda ones.


  8. Well…am not a fan of any particular actor. I like a few actors but that is only purely to keep my feminine interests alive and I always acknowledge that my fav actors have limited talents. But what makes me real sad is to see people worked up when someone appreciates an actor they don’t like. There are few actors i personally don’t like, Rajnikanth topping the list. I used to get worked up too when someone keeps talking about ‘Rajni’s charm’ which apparently doesn’t work for me. But those are conversations between friends and it was easy explaining or lets even say arguing with each other. If coming over to a person’s personal webspace, and telling him that he should know better than to post an article about someone he likes (I am assuming that here actually 🙂 ) is absurd then going a little further and saying the author boasts no acumen whatsoever to spot talent when presented to him, is retarded!!! People have different tastes and preferences. Period!


    Like everyone else ya have mentioned Vijay doesn’t hold any particular talent in acting. Now that I somehow don’t find easy to agree. That guy has excellent comic sense. He might be quite pathetic in enacting other human emotions, but definitely that guy has excellent humour sense. And I always believed humour is not exactly an easy art. If your comic timing goes awry, ya wud end up making a joke of urself. Even the greatest comedians have agreed that its not an easy task to make people laugh. And the fact that Vijay has a natural flair for comedy is quite evident in most of his movies. I think thats what works majorly for kids and the womenfolk. Now dontcha agree that actually qualifies as real talent?


  9. Kuselen is a complete washout. Total disaster.
    I don’t know how big loss this would be.
    This is worse than Kodi Parrakuthu.


  10. Vijay-the next super star. Please let us not take tamil films from bad to worse by acknowledging this actor who looks the same, acts the same, dances the same in all his movies. Even the story lines are the same. I cant differentiate between a sivakasi or a thirupaachi or a madure.


  11. Forget the next super star. The current one has fallen in the eyes of his fans due to his Karnataka apology andhar balti. Hope this brings to end the era of stupid super stardom.


  12. I wonder how LG will approve this kind of comments “See the apology of one asshole. He needs to be kicked out of TN and let him act in Kannada films.
    Tamilians need to unite and kick this beggar out.

    I dont want LG to act as a Indian sensor board…but somehow this kind of baseless & useless comments are not required for ur kind of post……


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