Kelviyin Nayagan ?

Looking at Mani Ratnam’s profile on IMDB, I see a movie named Kelviyin Nayagan listed as one of his directorial ventures.

And searching the web, surprisingly, I see a bunch of sites also listing the same. Am I missing something ?

4 responses to “Kelviyin Nayagan ?”

  1. bart Avatar

    Thats strange indeed. There are three movies of Mani in other languages one is telugu “Idhayathai Thirudathey” (Geetanjali), second is kannada “Priya O priya” (Pallavi anupallavi) and that leaves us with the third – ‘Unaroo’ in Malayalam. Maybe this was dubbed in 2000 and released as “Kelviyin Nayagan”?


  2. Vasu Avatar

    I guess Kelviyin Nayagan is a tele serial directed by Maniratnam starring Parthiban and Suhasini.


  3. Pradeep Avatar

    In IMDB its under Drama Genre and looks like music is by Raja.
    Mystery Huh?


  4. Prabhu Avatar

    How come Manirathnam directed a film like Idhayakoil, which is a typical MikeMohan film?! May be that time he was craving for a chance?!


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