What’s your Dasavatharam personality ?


In the first viewing, I like the Krishnaveni motta-paati more than anyone else. Yeah, better than Balram Naidu and Poovaraagan. Balram Nadiu was definitely an accomplishment but it was too easy to play for someone as versatile as Kamal.

The paati on the other hand was off-beat, even though we have seen Kamal play a middle aged woman with an utmost ease in Avai Shanmugi. Paati’s plastic face was scary at times, but the characterisation, intonation and the slang was just so perfect.

What’s your favorite avatar of Dasavathaaram ?

P.S – And I hope someone would actually creates a personality quiz named – What’s your Dasavathaaram Personality ?. I’m sure the Aascar team will be happy for it.

Mani Ratnam

Mani Ratnam’s Lifetime Achievement Award – Vijay TV

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2007 was a good year for Kollywood. Ram’s Katrathu Thamizh, Ameer’s Paruthi Veeran and Vetrimaran’s Polladhavan were all released during this year. It was the year of directors and new comers. And so Vijay Awards 2008 was also just so neat. It had the perfect host, Yuhi Sethu. Vetrimaran was the director of the year. Paruthiveeran was the movie of the year and Sreekar Prasad got the best editor award for Katrathu Thamizh. Except for mishaps like Sivaji and Pokiri, it was a fabulous year for good Tamil cinema.

And what a night it turned out to be when the final award, Lifetime Award for contribution to Indian Cinema was given away to Mani Ratnam. As usual, the man of few words, spoke less than few words.

Vijay TV probably makes the best montage among Tamil cable channels. This montage on Mani’s films was short but well edited. I only wish, they made a full length candid interview with Mani Ratnam just like the one with Writer Sujatha. This video will be a treasure until such interview is made in future.

I rejoiced when mr.nayakan walked away with that prestigious award. It made my day !!