The whole world loves the movie. I don’t. I thought that it didn’t even come close the Transformers script. Adding to it the Rajinikanth-ish scenes when Ironman saves the villager from getting shot by terrorists.

I get it now. It was probably the theatre and sound effects. And I want to watch it again to like it. I will try, honestly.

9 responses to “Ironman”

  1. please do not compare iron man to the transformers LG, transformers was pathetic, the first half was failed comedy, and the second half was hardly worthwhile with all the robots clunking each other, it could have come out a whole lot better. Ironman had good acting from rd.jr. transformers was highly disappointing. the thing i did not like about iron man was the fabricated villain in this one, and the final battle was not worthy, the ending fight was not worth the backstory that preceded it, but overall it sets up a good intro for the sequel.


  2. Nitin, Actually no. I didnt have trouble understanding the story. It’s just that it was so bland at the end and the lead to the final fight wasn’t so compelling.

    I think Transformers had a great script but ofcourse people thought there was too much machinery. I just loved Transformers big time.

    Atleast a bunch of my friends who didnt like transformers liked Iron Man and vice-versa.


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