Sujatha’s science of love

Writer Sujatha’s dialogues on science of love from Mani Ratnam’s Aayitha Ezhuthu.

And yes, the video was recorded from dvd using the flip video camcorder and runs from flickr. Didn’t you know ?

5 responses to “Sujatha’s science of love”

  1. Srijith Avatar

    Man..! you`re obsessed with Aayitha Ezhuthu for sure.. Anyway I guess the wittiness of the dialogues sure make us miss Sujatha more and more..!

    Best Regards,


  2. Lazy Avatar

    srijith, yes we miss him, big time.


  3. Abhishek Avatar

    A huge loss indeed!


  4. Mahesh Avatar

    Compare these dialogues to the ones from U Me and Hum. Two sides of the same coin equally convincing.


  5. dindi Avatar

    thanks guru nice one
    Really miss him, why not we work on some special for his birthday some time next week ?


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