Chennai Super Kings website

is up and well designed.

The players listing page has some bad mugshots of the players and takes the spirit away. Hope someone is working on them.

They also have a bad logo and it just exactly like cement company brand.

Thanks to Abhi for the site info.

5 thoughts on “Chennai Super Kings website

  1. Compare to the other websites designed by other IPL teams, Chennai Super Kings website surely looks a lot better… [Though i did not think postive about the website when i saw it for the first time]..

    And yeah a lot of work needs to be done.. Fan Zone is still not up.. etc..

  2. Thala LG long time since i read ne movie review by you..not seein ne movies off late or wat..like my boards are over..am like watchin some movie or the other..neenga konjam recommendations panna nanna irukum![:D] jus temme wat movies i can watch..i trust ur judgement..except for the one on sivaji..though stry wise n all it sucked big time..i jus keep watchin it jus to see thalaivar![:P]seri chinna payan nu nirubichitaen!

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