I think Google Reader is probably on its way of becoming the killer app of Web 2.0 and its is becoming evident. Even the whole issue of GReader’s sharing open-up just shows that people depend on the feed reader from google so much that it has become an indispensable part of their online life.

Each subscriber to Google Reader has a unique public page to share the stuff that they consider share-worthy. That URL was made up of a long long yucky integer[0270205865921283184]. To spice it up, I forwarded a domain,, to my google reader shared page. I’m not sure if anyone would be interested to see what I’m sharing but its more of a trial exercise.

As it easy to share stuff that you read on Google Reader, its easy for junk to get accumulated on such shared pages but I’m trying to be as diligent as possible. It should be an eclectic collection of blogposts from various sites. And truly, the best thing about lazy byte is that , I don’t own or create any of the posts on this page. Isn’t that a relief ?

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  1. Have you tried FriendFeed? (
    I like FriendFeed much better than sharing items from Google Reader, Google Shared Stuff, etc.

    I just subscribed to your shared stuff, Thanks!

    (If possible, make the comment captcha easier to use — why do I have to type the captcha every time I preview the comment and again while posting it? Blogger removes captcha after I enter the correct word once.)


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