Vikatan goes Unicode

After a long frustating decade of Tamil on the internet, mainstream magazines are starting to use to Unicode fonts instead of propietary fonts. And that’s a great news.

Ananda Vikatan, probably the number 1 magazine of tamil media is now completely on unicode. All you need is a computer with IE/Firefox/Safari installed to read Vikatan. With this change, Vikatan also cleans the clutter of it’s site and sports a cleaner design.

The in-direct benefit for bloggers is that they can now quote(note the point, just quote and not completely copy) vikatan articles on their blogs without having to transform the vikatan font to unicode.

Ofcourse, you need to be a paid user to read the content on but if you are a NRT(yeah NR Tamilian), you should think about paying them $14/year as subscription. But if you are one of those lazybums who wouldn’t want to read tamil, watch tamil videos on

P.S – This week’s vikatan rumors that Ajit is being approached for Shankar’s Robo. One more reason, to buy Vikatan subscription if you can’t wait until the new is this week or probably the next.

7 responses to “Vikatan goes Unicode”

  1. a robo insider Avatar
    a robo insider

    Robo to be a futuristic vigilant tale set in Chennai in 3070. The source of corruption (Indian) and lack of self-discipline (Anniyan) are just fickle human minds.
    A young Brahmin youth that does Sandhyavandhanam is 3070 returns from MIT and sets up free education and health care and various public service systems only to meet the inevitable peril from fickle minds.
    Rajagopal (Ajith) masquerades himself as vigilant robo and replaces lazy humans with machines programmed with code to do specific tasks in GOVT offices.
    Citizens get their aavin milk delivered in time, and get their 5 Paisa change in a PTC bus.
    Robots rule Chennai much to the dismay of villain AdhiSheshan so he corrupts the robots with Malware and machines demand money to get the job done. The system gets corrupted and the machines demand money for getting job done like Getting Birth certificates, and paying corporation tax etc. They money is then automatically credited into Adhisheshan’s Swiss account.
    How Rajagopal restores the system and gets rid of Adhisheshan is interestingly (????) told on screen!
    In the meantime, Rajagopal fancies marrying his 12th fail relative Pushpavalli who wears Dhavani (yes in 3070) and does all Viradhams to protect her Karpu. She runs a multimillion dollar Vadam and Vathal (imagine in 3070 they are ancient secret) business in Mylapore!
    Sabu Cyril will be erecting huge vadam, Vathal, appalam, papadam sets for a duet in Binny Mills!
    God bless Robo and the people who watch it!! No wonder SRK kissed Robo Goodbye 😉


  2. randramble Avatar

    Is this story really true? Or is it someone’s fertile imagination running wild knowing Shankar’s ways? Or if Shankar really plans such a story, we can only sulk!


  3. lazy Avatar

    rand, that story is like saying, Santa is true. Come on !!


  4. Gp Avatar

    All hail Unicode! More good things to come. Wink Wink. 😀


  5. Gp Avatar

    *something wrong…my comments not appearing.

    oh well…All hail Unicode! More good things to come…wink wink. 😀


  6. anonymous-arumugam Avatar

    “mainstream magazines are starting to use to Unicode fonts instead of propietary fonts.” – unicode is an encoding standard, it’s not a font.


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //all hail Unicode! More good things to come. Wink Wink.//
    GP, I know what they are…wink…wink.

    //unicode is an encoding standard, it’s not a font.//

    anonymous-arumugam, True. But its easily understood when referred with fonts instead of encoding techniques.


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