Gee Ohh Dee !!

Happened between two of my friends, over the weekend. I was a silent spectator and hence no comments.

Dude 1: (sipping his negramodelo beer) Machan, I know it isn’t simple as it sounds but I don’t think there is god.
Dude 2: Really…screw yourself. There is.
Dude 1: There what, God ?
Dude 2: Yes. Haven’t you felt him when you wrote those exam numbers in oil, behind anjaneyar sannidhi. Nee pinna eppidi 10th pass pannina da, loosu ?
Dude 1: Hee Hee…that was a time, machan. Ok da..prove me and I will accept.
Dude 2: (moving his emptied beer bottle towards my doubting friend and pointing to it) This is god, machan.
Dude 1: (LOLing) Kamedy !! Thats an empty glass bottle with a piece of lime left on the long neck.
Dude 2: Hmm…so you don’t believe it. Is that because you already know how god looks like ? I tell you this god. Why would you not believe it ?
Dude 1: Huh !! Guys get him another beer.
Dude 2: (looking at him deeply) Sir, I asked you a simple question, do you know how Gee-Ohh-Dee looks like. Why don’t you believe this brownish bottle as god.
Dude 1: (heatedly) No. I don’t know.
Dude 2: Then you have to believe me da.
Dude 1: God cannot be like this.
Dude 2: Why do you presume ? So you have already imagined how he looks like but you wouldn’t accept that he is there ?
Dude 1: I think this is illogical conversation.
Dude 2: Really, I don’t think so. I just showed you the almighty God, my friend. I just gave you the biggest spiritual truth.
Dude 1: I don’t believe it.
Dude 2: I don’t care. But question yourself again. Or prove me that this is not god ?
Dude 1: What ? Huh…Why don’t we talk again about how you proposed to Preetha in 9th standard.

I realized only then, half of that authentic mexican restaurant has been staring at our table.

7 responses to “Gee Ohh Dee !!”

  1. Karthik Sriram Avatar

    Dude 2 was really good. Anyways, was this conversation in the same tam-glish or in tamizh??



  2. K Sanjay Kumar Avatar

    Really!I don’t why dude 1 did not retort by asking D2 that he is equally sure that God was like that beer mug/bottle?
    I think lazy you must also be aware of a conversation between a sceptic teacher and a believer of a student(there were quite a few e mail fwds!!).Finally the beliver of student convinces his professor that god exists by awfully misinterpreting thermodynamics!!!Last heard,that “brilliant” student varies from Einstein to Abdul Kalam depending on which country the mail is coming!!!!Really funny when you think how much ones imagination can be stretched to “prove” god?


  3. k Avatar

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  4. R Venkatachalam Avatar
  5. parupps Avatar

    Been there, done(seen) that! LOL!!!


  6. praveen Avatar

    i see a subtle message for all those who proclaimed themselves as an atheist 🙂


  7. idiot Avatar

    All the second guy had to say was “define God and tell me why I should agree with your definition” or play along with the first guy’s essentially mundane BS and say “I’ll agree that it’s god if the beer bottle can say/write/ express that it is god in some language. At least make a sound on its own. Until then it’s just what I think it is — a beer bottle that cannot do/be anything other what I think it is — a beer bottle”

    What a stupid conversation? No wonder half the bar was staring at you. Or was it because ‘dude 2’ was too drunk and he had removed his underpants?


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