18 thoughts on “Didi Tera Dewar

  1. கமலிடம் இருந்த அந்த authenticity விக்ரமிடம் மிஸ்ஸிங். They have jazzed up the lady getup with sari, jewellery etc. விக்ரம் முகத்தில் அந்த பெண் களை இல்லவே இல்லை. ஆணழகன் பிரசாந்திற்கு 1 out of 10.விக்ரமிற்கு 2. கமலுக்கு 7. மிஸஸ். டவுட் ஃபையருக்கு 9.


    ஒரு டை ஹார்ட் ரஜினி ரசிகை


  2. amazing! The stills looks supergood, hope the movie turns out good. Susi makes good movies. But still bugs me that Shriya is acting…urghh…she has no expression…anyone agrees?

    A digital package with a vid player, thats cool, Tamil cinema is making waves. And of course, they went around the world but duh! where else could they make a cheap electronic package if not China. Anyway, this is really exciting news.

    Vikram is a universal actor, he lives the roles, something like Kamal has been doing all this while. Hope the industry doesnt eat it, and I bet he wont let if either. He looks like he’s having fun. Wish we had a Vikram movie every quarter instead of Dakter Vj. sigh…


  3. this girl is going to steel the hart of all young me,,,,,,,,,,,
    I think she is!!!!!!!!

    Kandaswamy alis Kandalakshmi……..


  4. Shyam,

    Thanks for the info on sujatha.

    Hawkeye, Sorry sir…you previous comment was killed as the system thought it was a spam. Due to this spam issue, i added the captcha and there is no spam these days.

    I also think Kandasamy will be good, lets see.


  5. Kandhasamy is proving to be too good… i would consider it to be a genuine competitor to our ulaga nayagan… anyways lezz wait for “MARMA YOGI” (Poster coming soon)…kamal’s next…


  6. @Bharat,
    sorry..what do u mean by “Poster coming soon”? it it an official poster or hv u designed something? i dont think KH has announced this movie officially.


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