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Starbucksed 2

Its been sometime since I stopped drinking Mochas with an overdose of sugar. A good friend introduced me to the drip coffee at Starbucks and since then its been, a drip a day.

Drip Coffee beans are coarser than the espresso ones. They are made in the same way as the South Indian coffee but the concoction is just a tad thicker. So even as the drip coffee powder is made to stay alongwith the water for a longer time, they seem to have more caffeine when compared to an espresso.

So if you planning to gulp a drip, the best combination is half & half milk(which contains 40 calories including 32 calories of fat in just 2 teaspoons) and sugarless sugar(whatever that means).

59 thoughts on “Starbucksed 2

  1. தலைவா!
    வருக! வருக!
    யதேச்சையாக வந்த எனக்கு இது ஒரு நல்ல செய்தி!
    Waiting for your posts!



  2. Nice to see your post after a long time. I used to visit your blog at often regular intervals….. today I was surprised to see a post……But, When u come back after a year, the first post should be like “My Car, An Atheist”…this does’t. Anyhow i am really very happy abt ur comeback…


  3. yeay yeay!! I half expected you to come back with a post on June 15th when the BOSS arrived. Kirukkal le edho appo appo padichupom.

    welcome back!


  4. Sriram, Thanks a lot. One year is quite a lot of time. It was nice.

    வெங்கட், யதேச்சையாக வந்ததற்கு நன்றி.

    hey prabhu, thanks for the welcome and also for the post.

    GP, இப்போ போதுமா. thanks for all the follow-ups offline.


  5. Blogeswari, Thanks. I just read your blog a week back. Good blog posts on advertisements.

    Anti(errr…i didnt say that), offline world is amazing, right ?

    Gochipa, Thanks.

    Nirenjan, Sowkiyama. Long time. Was at chennai but couldnt get to reach out to everyone. hope you are still at chennai.

    A@B, this is usually thennavan’s email address here. so are you him ?

    Raja, Appo appo oru silenty entry kudukanum !!

    hey lakshman, thanks da. sabbattical-a pazhikatha. semma super.

    Adiya, peru thaan geeku. all things simple-ma. thanks.

    S, BOSS thaangala.

    Vijay, thanks. neenga ajith fan-aa.

    Aparna, Good. you werent bored for a year then…

    Arvind, Zoho sugamaa.

    Maverick, nandri thanks for the welcome.


  6. Narayanaa, Don’t start it again 🙂

    Ramprasad, that’s nice to hear anyday. still, atleast i saved you from lots of useless info bits for nearly a year.


  7. Welcome back!!!

    Currently I get only partial content in feeds. Can you provide full content feeds ? Also your feed links in the your homepage has spaces in it. You may want to correct it. Since this is your first post after long time, I would stop with this. 🙂


  8. Thennavan, Thanks for the note.

    Confused, Thanks.

    Parupps, Really ? Thats nice to hear.

    //celebrations-oda rajni pada release maadhiri keethu indha comment dabba :D//

    Praveen, Neenga onum Kaamedy Keemady Pannaliye !!

    //welcome back!! M.G.R aa thirumba vandhurukeengala//

    Anoop, Neengalum onum Kaamedy Keemady Pannaliye !!

    YY, thanks.

    Vijay, Therium and I was just joking. Who knows Kireedom seems to be a decent hit and there could new fans for Ajith.

    Manju, Thanks a lot.

    Role Model, Oh !! Andha Matter ippo purinch pochu madam.

    //We can see shades of Kirukkal in your come-back post. Will Kirukkal continue too?//

    Rand, Ofcourse it will. Athu vera matter. Ithu vera.


  9. //My long wait is over. welcome back…….//

    Satish, Periya varthai sir. Thanks a lot.

    //Ippo vanthaarae enthan Kali theera 🙂 …//

    Mani, Ithu romba periya vaarthai.

    Ani, Thanks.

    //Good to see your post again..//

    Maruthuv, Yep, me too.

    //Wow its only been a year? Feels longer. Nice to see you back LG//

    WAh WAh WAh. Nandri.

    Sri, Thanks.

    //Currently I get only partial content in feeds. Can you provide full content feeds ?//

    Saravanan, Try this –


  10. Ajay, Yep. It’s called Spelnda. Looks like they make sugar like stuff with a chemical called Aspartame and the sugar is actually zero calories.

    Ravi, Thanks for following the blog. Nice to know that.


  11. Just FYI – Not sure if you already know this but Aspartame is supposed to deteriorate your brain cells. (FOR REAL!) 🙂


  12. RoleM mam, Yep. I read the same about all artificial sweetners. Now it makes me think the sugar industry is lobbying too much.

    Shuba, Sabattical is all gone.


  13. Hi Lazy… Welcome back.. As u have lots of readers and followers of ur blog, i am one among them. Intha sabatical period la appo appo site visit panni enniku live aagum nu nenaichen…i am glad now. dont go for one more sabatical any where in future pls !


  14. Barath, Sure. Thats different than this.

    Arvind, Hope Zoho is doing well. Saw the latest zoho Widget for Facebook.

    Praveen, Thanks a lot for reading this blog. hopefully no sabaticals from now. let’s see.


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