Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the

Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water is taking a bad hit. Has just 22% of approval rate in Rotten Tomatoes. And that’s not good.

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  1. Augustus Keppel Avatar
    Augustus Keppel

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  2. jacky Avatar

    Very soon you must change your tagline to Celebrating Bible, literature, fine arts and life!


  3. gp Avatar

    sunday preaching ah!?

    I think Shamalan must be ready to collaborate with others rather than hogging everything…he must work more on his screenplay or better still let someone else do it. His inability to liberalize his work and his relative inexperiece in mega sellers will doom him one day…and with lady in water it might finally have come.


  4. Zero Avatar

    Augustus Keppel is the new Docs Dope!


  5. Fakir Avatar

    I saw the movie and just loved it. I saw two extremes happen. Some people just left in the middle of the movie and some people actually stood there and clapped at the end of it. And the people who left in the middle were mostly these twenty something gigglings..Arghhhhh!

    Screwed up screenplay? C’mon!!! If someone can take such a simple fairy-tale kind of story and bring out such subtle and profound references, wow!!!! Instead of blaming shyamalan for being stereotyped, people should stop having stereotyped expectations of him. He’s an amazing storyteller and this movie only proves it more. camera work, background score, paul giamatti..more bonuses to the movie!

    Even in Yahoo movies, I’m seeing the user ratings go from c- to c+ to b- now. Its much better than the usual crap that is churned out of hollywood.

    Go see it!


  6. ram Avatar

    Starting with “The Sixth Sense,” I totally fell in love with Shyamalan’s style of filmmaking…thought “Unbreakable” was quite intriguing and “Signs” was a tension-filled movie with quite a few nice thrills…but all that came crashing down when I saw “The Village.” thot it was a disappointment of colossal proportions…
    looks like “Lady in the Water” is no better 😦
    Shyamalan, bounce back man!
    BTW, anyone in here seen his “Wide Awake?” ws spsed to be pretty decent…?


  7. Ravi Avatar

    I could have shot myself watching that movie..


  8. Nitin Avatar

    I dont listen to what ratings say, or critics say. I will watch the movie no matter what, and make my own judgements.Sometimes, you might see something in the movie that other people dont. So dont dismiss this movie, and go watch it.


  9. Philip Avatar

    I too enjoyed The Sixth Sense. Who is M Night Shyamalan married to? Has he got American citizenship? Ew reevn lwi renerrus.


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