Vijay TV’s Super Singer

Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer Yet another show on the American Idol format. First it was Indian Idol and now it’s Vijay TV’s Airtel Super Singer contest. The winner of this super singer contest will get a chance to sing for Harris Jayaraj. The show runs from 8 pm every friday and saturday on Vijay TV.

Believe me this show is good. Just damn good. Not because this show is about music but the tamil touch to this international format is just exciting. And we have some super dooper singers amongst us.

The other day, a participant named Gowtham sang, Rahman / Hariharan’s Malargale song. I haven’t heard such an amazing control like that from an amateur singer. Nice balance and amazing sangathis. If one was watching this from the first week, they would understand how many singers we have in the country. Though the first round participants included many weirdos, atleast half of the crowd was nice stuff. As of now, the contest is on the fourth round with 20 or 24 contestants. And as it moves forward, its going to be more interesting.

In the initial rounds, the judges included SP Sailaja, Sreenivas, Maalathy and many others. After prelims it’s Anuradha Sriram, Sreenivas and Unni Krishnan. While its a nice trio, Anuradha seems to be too bossy and wouldn’t allow the other two to do the talking. I’m sure someone would let her know as the show moves on.

Instead of a screwed up film review or a kadi serial, I prefer to spend two hours a week for some nice music contest. Worth the time spent. With such shows, Vijay TV is slowly becoming the best channel for true entertainment. Two years from now, I would expect Vijay TV not to top prime time TRP ratings but to a gather a loyal viewer base.

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  1. Insidemind Avatar

    //While its a nice trio, Anuradha seems to be too bossy and wouldn’t allow the other two to do the talking. I’m sure someone would let her know as the show moves on.//

    Thats what I felt too.She was kind of bossy & Srinvas seemed just happy & not bothered by these..

    Did you notice,If Anuradha/Unni liked & appreciated a singer ,Srinivas would mostly side with the singer who wasnt appreciated by them 🙂

    Last week was a good show with that girl’s flawless rendering of “Unnai Vida” from Virumandi…


  2. Keerthivasan Avatar

    I was told by my friend that Srinivas misbehaved. Anuradha was cool and great with the participants, but Srinivas bossed them over.. am not sure however.


  3. Jacky Avatar

    As the show moves towards finals more people are going to cry when they are rejected. That’ll take care of its popularity.


  4. Aishwarya Rao Avatar


    I follow the show closely. It is so realistic and thats what the magic is all about. The young Muslim girl(I forget her name now) sang ‘Chinna Thai Aval’ and pul arichi poiduthu! Very well produced, as you say.


  5. dinesh Avatar

    am not commenting about the show as i dont watch it but Vijay Tv is no doubt the best, sun tv and jaya tv are taking the audience for granted, they think we have no brains of our own, u’ll accept this if u’ve watched the news on these channels

    vijay tv also brings out excellent promos fo their shows, did u guys see the latest promo for kalakapovadhu yaaru part 2 …. its aptly made for their target audience ….


  6. Vinesh Avatar

    It is great to watch as a show, but as a music fan, it isn’t as satisfying as a Sapthaswarangal or Raagamaalika because more importance is given to histrionics and other emotional gimmickry than music.


  7. LV Avatar


    I hope when you said, ” tamil touch to this international format is just exciting ”
    you weren’t generalising.

    If, yes I’d like to differ. It appears to me that they are not a perfect fit, for instance, if you take the comedy show “Kalaka poradhu yaaru”, It’s based on the “Great Indian Comedy Show” in Star Plus which is a rip off of an international counterpart. The individual performances are cool, but there’s something about the format that takes the sheen away.., for instance the guy along with Chinni Jayanth doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going and rattles out corny stuff..not something that the Tamil folks are used to atleast in the conmedy domain..( which is proabably amongst the most spontaneous in the world..)

    I find it hard to explain, but there’s something that regional culture bring about which might get killed if presented in an international package.

    For instance, The Indian Idol left a lot to be desired for as it ripped off the Americal Idol frame by frame..(not keeping in mind our sensitivities..).

    I for one think Sun TV is far more authentic ( but for it’s political liason ). If Vijay have to get their act, they should have a better feel of the local pulse.., At this point their agenda appears to be, remaking international or national shows in Tamil which I beleive wont do..

    Like Vinesh says in the comment above, the focus is histrionics proabably because it is necessary for the West??.., but for cultures that have a lot to offer such as us in (anywhere in India), the focus should be on content as opposed to the presentation..

    ( Sorry bout the long comment..)


  8. B a l a j i Avatar

    The quality in the initial rounds was very poor. Thats pretty obvious though.

    The final 20 are great. I only wish they had chosen a better host.


  9. Suresh Kumar Avatar

    Not just this program, there are many other interesting programs in Vijay TV like Cinema, Kaaram, Kaapi, Lollu sabhaa, Grand Master, Coffeee with Suchi, Neeya? Naana?, Madan’s Thiraipaarvai, Kadavul Paadhi Mirugam Padhi etc.,


  10. Archana Avatar

    d show is superb,i missed only one bcumin mad abt d show.i felt very bad when MK balaji was rejected,he has such an amazing voice.also v must know d reason why Harish sivaramakrishnan n Archana iyer r withdrawing frm d contest,its such a wonderful oppurtunity for them,they r lucy enough to cum upto this round n they r cooly withdrawing,at my point of view,thats stupid kind of a thing to do.
    Gautham is another favourite contestant of mine.definitely Balaji,gautham,archana iyer,anitha(what a voice that gal has!) r in my toppers list.


  11. pannpriyan Avatar

    Also was wondering about why Harish was withdrawing. Also is Archana withdrawing or is she voted out? They are from a different state and there are pressing needs to take care of. How long can they away from home/work?

    My favorites are Anita, Swati and Gautham.


  12. pannpriyan Avatar

    Have to completely agree with Lazy about the quality of Vijay programming. They are moving in the right directions. Definitely a big improvement after joining the Star family. Variety is amazing. Sun and Jaya have stuck to a small audience (mega serial & movie lovers) and have been trying hard to get everyone else in that audience mix. Vijay on the other hand is trying to make programs that appeal to different audiences. Would like to see a greater move away from movies in Vijay.


  13. Suthakaran Avatar

    I was always against the Tamil TV channels as they show useless serials etc until I watched some programmes especially SUPER SINGER. An excellent programme. but can SIMBU judge the performance like the other Judges? I am not sure.I agree what Dinesh commented on 22nd.


  14. Harish Sivaramakrishnan Avatar


    My first time here. I saw a few comments about me in response to the post. I am Harish Sivaramakrishnan, a contestant of the Airtel Super singer. I had to withdraw from this competition due to compelling professional commitments. I work for a software firm in bangalore. The shooting dates collided with the release to manufacturing date of the product that I work for – Adobe Flex. It was a hard decision to make, since I knew what I was missing. But I just got lucky, as I have been given an opportunity to walk back into the show as a wild card entry. I consider this a great opportunity and I wish I can do some good work and impress the judges as well as the audience.

    I look forward to your support for me in this competition, if you consider my performances up to the mark in the show.

    Thanks again,


  15. Archana Avatar


    sorry Harish,am Archana,am sorry if i have hurted u.i thought it was a wonderful oppurtunity given to you n withdrawing from it suddenly made me to say so,i too guessed d same that due to professional reasons u could have withdrawn…n me in ur place would have done d same.Happy that u r coming back into d show.speaking of d show,it’s very good,i like dese kind of shows very much,i used to wait eagerly for fridays n saturdays,In r college dis show is d topic of discussion.
    i know u to b a talented singer,i guess u have learnt hindustani,rite.beleive u were d backbone for dat group song”pachai niramae”…fantastic man,great job.would archana iyer too reenter d show?r u in contact with her?any way i wish u all d very best,
    i convey my best wishes to each n every participant of dis contest,
    one more thing,visited ur blog,many of ur topics were very new to me.
    Let ur craze for singing bring u to higher places.



  16. shreya Avatar

    hi ,
    super singer contestants.. u ppl ve got great potential. everyone is talented in one aspect.
    especially singers lyk harish,archana,sowmya,
    goutham ve got great voice.
    but due to some unavoidable circumstances harish,archana ve left… both ve got great voice…
    also earlier contestant M.K.BALAJI, also had good voice but unfortunately he was rejected.. i felt sorry for him..
    if any of u ppl i.e harish or archana or any other contestant ve got balaji’s mail id or contact no. plz giv .. i wd lyk to convey my wishes to him .. my id is



  17. Archana Avatar


    me too liked Balaji as i have mentioned earlier,so plz drop his mail id over here.n shreya if u get his id by any other means don’t forget to drop it at my address- ,k?



  18. karthic Avatar

    i like this compeition very much . but one thing poor is inviting simbu for jugdement is really un happy.. he is not a good singer at all.. r he is not a great singer like three jugdes.. i thing this matter is a great insult to the three jugdes..and unni krishan judgement in coimbatore zone is really poor . i and many around me felt that his jugement is poor



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