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  1. Hai Chenthil came back couple of days ago, now you. Must be the week for coming back. WB

    As to the pictures, haven’t a clue


  2. The pics… umm… Ajith with his mascara eyes and beedi biceps looks very feminine… ussu mari…. and the Vel man looks masculine thanks to the contrast….
    Just my observation…


  3. Hey LG,

    I have guessed the underlining part in the two picutures. Both the films are ready for the launch and the complete making is done. Both the piture and much awaited with the big banners in their background. Both of the hero are very much familiar and popular on their verticals.

    Hence to conclude something you have made and waiting to launch…is the relation correctly made?


  4. Is it that the first one, originally a comedian, is donning the lead role of a film, where as, the second one, an established hero, is now looking really funny and evokes comedic undertones? 😛


  5. Just got the listing from star music for “Jillunu Oru Kadhal” by A R Rahman.

    1)Hip hop Hippi’da – Clinton, Kailash kher, Rafeeq, George peters.

    2)Jillunnu – A.R.Rahman, Saindhvi.

    3)Care for her – Instrumental – Naveen, Almaa.

    4)Munbe vaa – Naresh Iyer, Shreya Goshal.

    5)Kadhal Kulu Kulu – Karthik, Hariharan, Madhushree

    6)Sparisam – Unnikrishnan, Chitra, Mahalakshmi

    7)Care for her – Sunitha Sarathy, Tanvi, Suchitra, Febi

    8)Iravil Imayil – A.R.Rahman, Naresh Iyer, Shivamani

    Percussions: A.Sivamani,
    Flute: Naveen,
    Sarangi: Sulthan Khan Ustad,
    Voice: Murtuza, Qadir,
    Strings: Shrinivasa moorthy,


  6. Welcome Back LG !
    Looking at the two pics – looks like what you want to convey id not about the movies? From the vadivel pic, Does it refelect a Sombre mood??

    Dont know what to say of the Ajith pic !


  7. 🙂 Most of the guesses are true.

    I’ve been through Imsai. not just one but double imsai !! Also, I’ve something coming up which is new. let’s see.

    And the news of Jillunu Oru Kadhal is certainly ‘cool’.


  8. //how’s the new company ;)//

    I’m married. So…no way 🙂

    Oh !! wait did you mention my new company, professionally ?. Well I haven’t changed it.


  9. BTW, I just figured out one more commonality in the pics just now. Both have their hands raised. We know Ajith is aware of the ‘pits’.


  10. Both movies are real “Imsais” I guess, regardless of who’s the hero in it(comedian & real hero). Btw, what’s this new movie of Ajith?


  11. Sry to b back espcly hovering over a past post. AC was on Nancy Grace yest and will be on Colbert Report Today (rerun tomm)

    The side actors I’ve seen in Ramiah Film City fare much better.


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