Anderson Cooper


I wasn’t a big fan of Anderson Cooper, until last week. One would have started to notice him just before Katrina. That’s when Aaron Brown’s prime time on CNN was taken back and allocated to Anderson’s 360 show. His Katrina reporting was talked about. I felt, he made animated movements trying to exaggerate the situation.

Last week, browsing through the cable, I came across Oprah show where Anderson was the guest. Coming from the royal family of Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper had taken challenging journalist pursuits in Kenya and Myanmar. It was astonishing, given the fact that he was barely out of his teens when did such expeditions.

As he puts it, there is nothing wrong if a reporter feels emotionally about the news. One needs to be objective about the news but one can certainly feel the news that is being reported. That was a fair statement which explains his animated movements and unique intonations while reporting tragic events. What made the show was the quote, Hope is not a plan. Don’t hope for something. Plan for it. Makes sense.

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  1. Lazy,

    I have always liked Anderson Cooper, not only as a journalist but also for his handsome looks…;). I missed the Oprah show…hope to catch the re-run sometime.


  2. “Hope is not a plan”. Couldn’t agree more. The animated gesture makes me engrossed…. I am quite an animator myself lol..


  3. Agreed, Journalism is a profession for the passionate…and only inspired people can stand the fallacies that are sledged against the profession….


  4. Hey
    He was interviewed yesterday on Larry King Live.

    And you know what else? Once in a while you should check your mail.

    Oh and yeah if there were no disasters perhaps we’d have more “quality news”. Argh!