For the superb minute by

For the superb minute by minute un-biased reporting /analysis on Tamil Nadu Elections 2006, Idly Vadai Weblog should be awarded a mid-term Indibloggies.

Atleast I suggest we create a Tamil Bloggies and award the first one to Idly Vadai.

4 responses to “For the superb minute by”

  1. Sriram Avatar

    I agree with you 100% LG. Did you check out

    You must read thier comments on the election trends. Damn good and funny…!!


  2. manju Avatar

    I too agree with you. Idly Vadai’s blog is very informative on politics.


  3. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Idlyvadai did an amazing job, right through the election 🙂


  4. nandhu Avatar

    that’s true. idlyvadai is indeed an excellent blog.