The Odyssey Ad

Did you check out The Odyssey Ad on Vijay TV ? A feel good ad.

For starters Odyssey is an ultra-famous music & book shop at Adayar, just after the Madya Kailash junction and right next to Krishna Sweets. It was one of those hep book stores where chudihaar maamis come to buy dozens of kids books and carnatic music, as you stand there thinking if they really listen to all that. Being next to Krishna sweets, I would always visit Krishna Sweets after Odyssey to eat a suda suda nei poli served on a beetle nut leaf. That was a nostalgic rant.

BTW, the Odyssey ad on Vijay TV talks about the need of literature and music to escape from the mundane routines of life. It goes on to list down writers, musicians and movies for us to imagine a world without them. To quote a part of it, Ippadi Oru Vaazhvai Ninaithu Paarungal. Bhaarathi Illai, Sujatha Illai, Rahman illai and so on. I’m happy for two things here. Its an ad for a bookstore. Its also an interesting ad that might make people think about the importance of literature and music in life. Even if a handful of them visit the store watching this ad, its a success. Good Job.

10 responses to “The Odyssey Ad”

  1. Nitin Avatar

    its a good ad, but the shop is very expensive. can buy the same books and items for cheaper price somewhere else. otherwise, go to odyssey just for the ac, like i do.


  2. Kaps Avatar

    They are blowing up money like anything. The same ad is running every day in Sun TV (non stop for the last 1 / 2 months). This is actually a promotion for their forthcoming IPO. In other words, the shareholders need to foot the bill 😦


  3. BNB Avatar

    It’s no longer near Krishna sweets, it’s further down the road, past Naidu Hall and iirc, before ‘nuts and spices’. And it’s not just in Adyar, they have one in Thiruvanmiyur and elsewhere.
    Odyssey is no longer just a book store – I usually have a different strategy each time to escape from that sales girl, who stands near the entrance of their new adyar store, trying to persuade customers to try out the perfume and such.


  4. My Name is Billa Avatar

    Especially the last line was too good. “Odessey Vazhkaiyin Salipai Kuraika”


  5. Intuitor Avatar

    “Odessey Vazhkaiyin salippai kuraikka” – love that phase 🙂


  6. radhakrishnan c nair Avatar

    As kaps rightly said, the ad appears in Vijay TV, Sun TV and more frequently in NDTV. It’s a prelude to their IPO of running these ads. I don’t understand the logic of running the ads in NDTV as it is predominantly watched by Northies and not by Southies


  7. ttm Avatar

    beetle nut leaf? I infer it’s a betel leaf.


  8. vidya Avatar

    Odyssey .. that freakishly expensive store ???. Hmm .I don’t remember a Krishna Sweets though 😦


  9. sapphany Avatar

    It’s not “Ippadi Oru Vaazhvai Ninaithu Paarungal”, it is “Karpanai seidhu paarungal vor ulagathai….”…


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