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Hitch-hiker’s guide to romance


Though being a silly romantic pot-boiler, Hitch was funny. Give it to Will Smith for making it an enjoyable fare and ofcourse Kevin James[who looks very much like Mr.Incredible] who managed to evoke some laughter. The screenplay couldn’t sustain the interest it generated in the first few scenes.

The end seemed to drag like a yash johar flick. And yeah, I have to say I don’t think I like Eva Mendes. Netflix it if you are bored on those action films. If only you could wait, some bollywood flick plagiarising the storyline, will be in the making.

7 thoughts on “Hitch-hiker’s guide to romance

  1. Will Smith on his visit to India, admitted, Ash was approached for this movies. The cooking scene does sound Indian, stereotypical Hollywood.


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