17 thoughts on “Kollywood Car 1

  1. Sequence:
    After completing his wife’s last rituals and before ordering the killing of the three brothers.

  2. It is Nayagan..

    Guruve, vera kastamaatha try pannunga.. 🙂
    Kamal costume kaati kudukkuthu…

    BTW, Kamal US kku kelambiyaachaame ?? Thasavatharam la adi pinna poraar…:)

  3. SAPPPPPPA question, lazy!!
    nayagan – neela asthi karayarthukkulla, reddy kudumbathula oru aambala kooda uyirode irukka koodaathu.

  4. didn’t think it will be so easy. i thought atleast some will be mislead to think it’s a bw fick. i did under estimate.

    ram, dialogue oda sollara alavukku nayakan pathiyama neenga !!

    veda, kodumai thaangala da. he is fine to stay with vijay movies. no way he will direct a kamal flick.

  5. Ya he might not move to the kamal venture ! but looks like tahmna is not the MD for Dasavatharam ! …

    I heard there are 5 MD’s for Dasavatharam … and also heard rahman is filled with offers
    Guru-mani flick !

    and some hindi ! …

    If thats true .. we are missing something !

  6. Nayagan scene originally copied frame from God father. when clemenza takes a piss when gf’s soninlaw is taken care of.

  7. தல, எப்போ கமலுக்கு பி.ஆர்.ஓ ஆனீங்க? சொல்லவேவேவேயில்லையேயேயே! 🙂

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