From Pudhupettai, Kokki Kumaru

pudhuppettai 3

From Pudhupettai, Kokki Kumaru is now online.

Expect some bad graphics which requires you to use the knife, at places. Yeah, that’s a clue.

5 responses to “From Pudhupettai, Kokki Kumaru”

  1. Pudupettai site was just ok..
    The BGM wants me to watch it ASAP.. it’s aching to wait this long..

    At least the site could have done better without the spelling mistakes!

    Some one sent this to me recently (Sorry.. has nothing to do with the topic at hand). It was rib-ticklingly hilarious !!

    Aww.. what a hero 😉


  2. jen , that is one of most hilarious video i have ever seen . Made my day 🙂 ivan ellam oru hero’a nadichu makkal vera parthu irukanga . unbelievable !!!