Remember Vineeth in Gentleman, here’s

Remember Vineeth in Gentleman, here’s Sharath.

8 responses to “Remember Vineeth in Gentleman, here’s”

  1. Tony of the Bachelor cooking Blog Avatar

    So, tell us now that your blog not getting updated regularly anymore was an April Fool’s


  2. kummy Avatar

    i guess arjun did that role in genleman


  3. hawkeye Avatar

    tony bachelor etc etc,

    by sayaing this LG would have to pay me for being his interpreter.

    vineeth appears in the flashback scene of gentleman. arjun and vineeth are two boys who are state first and second but cannot afford medical seats. vineeth commits soooiii-side (suicide janakaraj style) because of this. this is the crux of the whole movie.


  4. hawkeye Avatar

    the key here is M.N nambiar who played role of vineeths father was a cook like sharath’s mother.


  5. Reflex Avatar

    I read his interview too. He said I could’ve earned an 8.5L per annum but thats not my plan. so cool. How many of us hav the guts to quit a job like this and go behind our beliefs.


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hawkeye, Spot on. Exactly my point. Looking at that comment even I started re-thinking about the post.


  7. smruthi Avatar

    Future of India resides in the hands of these young chaps.

    Good path laid by Sharath & Gaurav.

    – Lakshman


  8. shek Avatar

    what a connection!lazygeek’s become creativegeek.


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