Don’t read this !!

[Bunch of regulars to a blog, beating the blog author for stopping it. I don’t believe I dreamt that.]

The better idea to read this blog, going forward would be to subscribe to the site feed using a feed reader. Reason, this blog may not be updated as regularly as it was for the last few years. And whenever it’s updated your feed reader will remind you to read this blog. Even then you may or may not care to read the post. Atleast it would save you the time from typing the URL and waiting for the blog to load.

I’ve been thinking out loud, over the last few months, on the things missed while maintaining this blog. The path to this decision, I think, has been well registered here and hence it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If this bantam decision would have been made in 2002, I may not be answerable to anyone. Not even to myself. Now, averaging around 2000 unique visitors a day[Ok, this is not a brag], I understand that there has to be some form on inkling to those who bother about this blog, even if they are just a handful.

By any chance, if you mistake this as a full stop to this blog, care for a cuppa coffee. It’s not. As always a good flick, a splendid book or a funny anecdote would certainly inspire to scribble something here. By doing such sporadic scribbles, I tend to live the idea, this blog was created for, fun. Be delighted, after all I just minimized a bit of information overload on you.

P.S – Who knows, tomorrow you might find a scribble post on Dishyum, Sudesi and Pattiyal here.

31 responses to “Don’t read this !!”

  1. Kaps Avatar

    some people have a set reading pattern (bookmarks saved on browser / delicious) and they visit these blogs on a periodic basis. it would be difficult to push them to migrate to a feed reader.

    I notice that your feeds give only the first 2/3 lines of your posts. Can you enable delivery of the full post on the feedreader?


  2. prasad Avatar

    I second kaps comments.. enable full post on the rss please.


  3. radhakrishnan c nair Avatar

    It’s March 30th. Two days to go for April 1st! Do I smell something here guru?


  4. raj Avatar

    check this:

    do you find something different??


  5. Saravanan Avatar

    Lazy geek’s RSS/RDF( feed gives only the 2-3 lines of a post. But the atom feed ( contains full post. So change the feed url to atom.

    Your atom feed is not listed in the list of feeds in the page. Probably you may want to add this line to the template,
    [link rel=”alternate” type=”application/atom+xml” title=”Lazygeek Blog” href=”” /]


  6. Keerthivasan Avatar

    adhille anne, Hindu papera Paperla paarthathaan azhagu..

    The blogs that i hop everyday, i visit them frequently. No feed reader.. 🙂


  7. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Dhoda, Aravindhasaamy !


  8. Antony Rajdurai Avatar
    Antony Rajdurai


    nalla irunda rasaaa pooottiye….blog blogaaa yezhudhina raasaaaaa potttiyeeeeeeee…..oooovaannnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmm

    ok..will adjust…what to do..


  9. blogeswari Avatar

    nee, inda madiri evlo peru kelambirukeenga, april fool panna?


  10. Tony of the Bachelor cooking Avatar

    Blogging life cycle eh!!


  11. Shiv Ram Avatar
    Shiv Ram

    guru – I appreciate your guts to tell that out upfront. Having so many people following your blog it takes a lot to tell them not to come here everyday.

    @Mr.Tony, If you aren’t aware Guru has been blogging for 5 years now. Its no cycle for him.


  12. dasa Avatar

    keerthi, your paper analogy is very wrong.. you typically don’t visit one blog a day, most usually read 30 or 40 blogs or even more – now would you have time to go get your papers from the door 40 times and read them individually every morning?


  13. Raja Avatar


    For me it takes minimum 2 hour to write a complete post. The preparatory process to write a post also takes some hours. I wondered many times abt u, writing post almost every day, all the post have certain standards and distinguish itself from other blogs. I guess, this blog alone will take 6 of ur 24 hours (6 hrs includes, writing post, reply to comments, reading other blogs, reading books and obviously thinking what to write next). U r a software professional, its sure, u will spend at least 10 hrs on ur company. Even if u sleep for minimum of 6 hrs, How much amount of time do u spent for ur family?

    I think this is a right decision, post once in a week, spent time with ur family. I am sure, u would feel, u have lost many things on last 2 years irrespective of ur success as a successful blogger. As a blogger u have achieved a milestone, three times consecutive winner, having 2000 hits per day (really it is a brag-exceptionally good). Even the film directors are spending 3 to 4 months with their family in between their films. Why not u? you are also a creator…take enough time and come back with another dimension.

    By the way, u are the one and only inspired me to start my own blog.


  14. hawkeye Avatar

    i am still old school. will keep visiting hoping u wud post something


  15. tambram Avatar

    Anthony Rajdurai, funniest comment I have seen in a long time! ROTFL!


  16. veda Avatar

    Hi Lazy,

    The first time I came to know about blogs is through and hopped on to your site from there, some 6 months back. On first sight it was interesting to read your posts also got links to other great bloggers like you. I became a regular visitor here, and everyday at allocated blog reading time, the first place i visit is here and then i roam around other blogs.Now it will be hard to change that habit.


  17. Preethi Avatar

    I back ‘hawkeye’. I have been visiting ur blog e’vday for the past 1.5 yrs. Its sort of become a habit now and u shud know “Old Habits die hard”. So I am gonna keep visiting…


  18. dud Avatar

    awww….all this is so cute! 🙂


  19. rajasekar Avatar


    Is the article targets for April 1. You too LG 🙂

    I hope even last year Kiruba also posted similar post. And many people in this planet are happy, but it doesnt happened 🙂

    But your articles are really good and people wont easily believe it too. Ungalluku poi solla varallai, don’ try in future.


  20. gp Avatar

    uh…whats happening? that a pic of aravind samy in roja?


  21. Silpa Avatar

    Honestly, I really don’t know if you rmr me. However, I have visited your blog randomly ever since the Tsunami hit, yet have ingeniously missed your eye. When I saw your blog the first time, I never thought I would see it again. Yet somehow, it was linked to a coupla friends’ blogroll and today it fell into my google search!
    Kudos to you and your patience to keep updating your blog for such a long time! A lot of people lose time, patience or even interest. I guess you’ve mastered blogging, not only at a personal level but also broadening it at a public level. Goodluck!


  22. Silpa Avatar

    Btw, I’ve seen them both.


  23. Silpa Avatar

    And, from what I can rmr, you have a pretty obscure voice.


  24. Raajk Avatar

    LG, Keep posting at your own pace. But dont ever stop. Yours is undoubtedly the most popular blog among the Tamils. So, take your time off, but keep posting. We are here to read.

    And, if you are angered by some people calling your English bad, dont take them seriously and dont allow their comments. After all, their paattis have been “dancing with vellakaaran”. Not many have that luxury, rite?

    One more thing, don’t allow comments which personally abuse fellow commenters or yourself. Allow alternate views. That’s very important. But never allow personal abuse.

    Thats my humble opinion.


  25. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Dasa, Yes i read close to 40 blogs a day. Iam somehow uncomfortable going through the feeds, and then judging if the post is worth a visit or not.

    Very importantly, this may be applicable to just me, when i visit the page of the blogger.. i assume the blogger is talking to me the post. You get that personal feeling. I will feel a difference when a post is on Lazy’s blog, and the same text is posted on Kiruba’s blog or someone elses.

    Here’s a philosophy.. Its just the human tendency.. when things are multiple in number, you tend to group up together. When things are grouped up together, you tend to categorize and atomize it.


  26. spiderman Avatar

    Sorry Lazy for the little digression.

    Tho Da. RaajK is back. Oohh….what a blessing. RaajK the famous culture-vulture, the famous protector of Tamil pan(baadu) is back.

    Yean Saami. Email address udrathudhaane? Amaam…you are also famous for allowing “Alternate Views” on your blog right? You do that by famously deleting any alternate views. You only entertain comments from people that share your convulsive world view where Men roam around like Lion(Loin??) kings and women are supposed to be subdued creatures created to serve their Men and Masters.

    I would love to meet up with you RaaJK. You are a beacon of hope for the Gaptun-loving great Tamil population that loves their women being Adakka odukkam.


  27. raajk Avatar

    ha ha ha ha



  28. tony Avatar

    that’s why i said cycle 😉
    I have knwn LG 4 yrs


  29. narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    I am a continous reader of your blog and know your blog for quiet some years. I am pretty much worried by the way you have started to think. Yes I do admit you have many correct justification with you. But still as many readers are now constatnt visitors they would definetely get disappointed if there are rare updates. What happens when Shujatha or some good writer says this to their audience… Just thinking as they too have similar justifications on their way.

    Hope you get back to action as before and scribble atleast one post a day 🙂


  30. bantam_afftected Avatar

    Bantam decision???!!!

    I think you need a refresher course in English, maan.


  31. Kaka94283 Avatar

    I haven’t been up to anything today. I don’t care. I’ve just been staying at home not getting anything done. Basically not much happening right now. Maybe tomorrow. I guess it doesn’t bother me.


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