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Anantha (e) Anti pointed to the latest post on his blog, The Chennai Right to Information Initiative, a citizen movement which will be kickstarted this weekend at Chennai. This seems like a better idea than transforming into an Anniyan.

Let’s say you are someone who’s escaping this intiative by an excuse that you work at Bangalore, hee hee, there’s another way to volunteer your time. IVA or Individuals for Voluntary Activities is a non-profit organisation operating from bagalore, has volunteers mainly from software organisations and students who chime in for vounteer work over the weekends. If interested, you could contact the IVA team directly.

11 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Thala,

    Anantha (e) Anti

    idhula, (e) stands for what, thala?

    is it (endra)??? i.e. Anantha endra Anti


  2. Hi Lazy,

    Thanks for putting link about IVA .. You being a top Blogger , I am sure it will give more visibility and attract lot of hands to join IVA….Wanted add that http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iva-all/ link is a yahoo groups for IVA which will say more info on What is planned on that week.. Interested please join the yahoo groups for Notification from Mayank…

    Srinivasan S.K ( Sk_srini_wipro@yahoo.com )


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