Digged !!

List of best open-source software for Windows. Don’t forget to check-out the democracy player.

The Three Great Virtues Of A Programmer.

Here Comes GBuy, Watch out Pal…err…Pay Pal.

Enjoy your work but slack off.

Tips. All about Google.

Finally, Researchers uncover cause of asthma.

Up Close and Personal – Windows Vista.

Google – Sun and the infamous rumor that caused an uproar.

Ajaxing your way through Web 2.0.

Spice up your I-Tunes.

and finally

The case of Einstein and obscure factoids.

All links found while Digging. Urge you to start DIGGIN !!

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  1. Hi Geek,

    I found your site around 4-5 months back and have become a frequent visitor here now. Thanks for your efforts for putting this valuable information together.

    – veda.


  2. Hey Guru,
    I have been a regular visitor to your blog.
    Can you me to the list of links on page? I have give you my url. Have a read. Not much there at the moment.. 3 posts I think. Still coming up, need some more time to have a complete look.