Raagawaan !!

Karka Karka song from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu sounds pretty good than the initial hearing, alongwith the trailer. Fabulous selection of the percussions especially when you listen through the car deck. And the point where the long shout of than saavai sattai payil vaithu engeyum selkindraan… merges with the music is a sure thrill. The rap by itself sounds much much better than the trailer. The male voice that creeps inbetween by singing nara vettaigal vettaigal aada, I think its Nakul or Tippu really spoils the whole show. Extremely feminine and doesn’t gel with the whole macho wordings in lyrics.

BTW, am I just the one who’s totally bored of having songs that ‘talk’ about our hero’s super-hero capabilities. Especially if its a Kamal movie. This song Karka Karka seems to talk about Raghavan a tough cop and his macho capabilities. The last time there was such a song on Kamal was for Panchathanthiram. Rajini is an exception, sometimes Vijay is also fine because he has managed to do it well. With Vijaykanth, I’m frustated because there is no variety and he usually walks in a thiruvizha with a maalai around his neck. You too Gautam ??

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  1. BNB Avatar

    Rather, I would say, “You too Thamarai ? “. The RAP lyrics are pure gibberish – I managed to decode it a bit – something about a new Buick getting stolen. Go figure.


  2. Mallesh M Avatar

    lol.. yes funny lyrics.
    From the trailer it looks like Kamal is gonna walk around the streets of New York like vijayakanth did in Chinna Gounder except that the costumes and the people will be different. I am not sure if VV songs are as good as Kaaka kaaka or Minnale. But as long as it syncs with the movie should be alright.


  3. karthik Avatar

    slight correction on Kamal’s macho song film. VR MBBS had a song extolling his virtues (kalakka povadhu yaaru….). I am sick and tired of these hero worshipping songs.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Karthik, huh !! i forgot that one actually.


  5. shyam Avatar

    Hey i guess this is not correct kamal is the only actor in tamil who doesnt go by image and his songs are all related to the movie only and thats y they are flopping.See virumandi nothing extra and also vassol raja that was ok compared to what uget from rajini and pls dont compare with vijayakanth no comparison kamal is great what abt heyram no heroism and flop iguess u r a fan of rajini and vijay whose songs only talk about them and not about the theme


  6. mani aj Avatar
    mani aj

    As the debate goes on, if one tracks a little in history, almost all of MGR & Sivaji songs were in recognition of the virtuous hero – filial, brave, honest, brotherly etc. This moved on to the heroes of the 80s & 90s – in particular Rajni, Vijaykanth & yes, Kamal etc. Whether these are self-loathing, egoistical demands of these heroes to have songs in praise of them (or their characters), or maybe initiatives of producers & songwriters to have them inserted, is debatable. However, the fans are lapping them up with glee and this signals a demand that Tamil film makers are more than happy to fulfill. I wonder if this is the case for other regional films – Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu – or for that matter, any international movie.


  7. Maverick Avatar

    I also enjoyed the ‘Karka Karka’ song from VV. But I beg to differ from your opinion in classifying this intro song with the usual ones thats made for Super Star, Vijay, Viajykanth, Ajith and who else? Baba Rap might have suited Superstar, but that also sounded pretty silly (especially the rap lyrics). And then followed a series of intro songs with rap influences and the lyrics made up of nothing but a series of punch dialogues.

    With this kind of trend, I thought ‘Karka Karka’ as an intro song for Raghavan sounded a little different (thanks to Thaamarai) except for that rap piece(the only thing I am disappointed with this song). Dont criticise Thaamarai for the lyrics for this intro song. Infact, I find it much more meaningful and apt for an intro song which talks about the character rather than the hero’s image who is playing it. I guess the funny Rap lyrics might be by someone else and not Thaamarai (‘Raghavan, Stay in the process… :)’). But once the Tamil lyrics of the song, it is a smooth sailing. An intro song for the first time with no gimmicks (except that rap piece) and unnecessary heavy percussion. Meaningful lyrics that describes Raghavan’s character with some good music by HJ.

    I think it is Nakul who sings those lines ‘Nara vaettaigal vaettaigal aada’ with a feminine voice.

    VV might not be as impressive as a Kaakha Kaakha or Minnale. And that fabulous ‘Uyirin Uyire…’ that kickstarted Kaakha Kaakha is a tough act to repeat.But ‘Karka Karka…’ isn’t that bad either.

    //You too Gautam ??//
    This is not his first. Minnale had a famous intro for Madhavan in ‘Maddy Maddy…’ 🙂


  8. Maverick Avatar

    Talking about VV music, did you check out ‘Manjal Veiyil…’? Thats my pick of the album. Hariharan at his best as usual. I still love HJ-Hariharan’s combo in ‘Moongil kaadugale…’ from Samurai and this one in VV too is very good. I haven’t seen the visuals of this song yet (heard that they played this song during the audio release) and I just hope Goutham doesn’t let us down with the picturisation.

    The lyrics, tune and the fact that Goutham was shooting in NY during fall season makes me hope that this one captures NY’s grandeur with all its colours during the fall. The songs rhythm though suggests that HJ had his share of influences in ARR (‘Endrendrum Punnagai…’) and Backstree Boys (‘Get Down….’)!!


  9. kamalfan Avatar

    “You too Gautam” is fine. But why not “you too kamal”?
    Oh! Yes! Its not as if Kamal is really ‘different’ from the mass heroes right? So I guess you tacitly admitted that the so-called different Kamal also usually indulges in the ‘usual’ self-glorification often so this is no surprise. From a Kamal Fan, that is really magnanimous – because Kamal fans usually tend to chest beat that unlike certain mass heroes, Kamal is different in everything he does (including perhaps morning duties 🙂
    For those who want to argue that in this case, it is a glorification of Raghavan rather than Kamal whereas in Vijay movies it is direct praise of Vijay, just reflect people. Why have such a song at all? Cannot the character establish itself through its acts rather than such songs, that too in a so called ‘different’ actor’s film?

    On second thoughts, I wonder if this was one of the insertions by Kamal. Afterall, there were reports of Kamal-Gautam creative clashes werent they?
    Looking forward to the movie – I am sure Kamal has made full use of the ‘talents’ of jyothika and Kamalinee. Especially the latter must have been fully used by Kamal. looking forward to it.


  10. Nathan ValliSamy Avatar
    Nathan ValliSamy

    Hi All
    Rajini– He always talk abount “Tamil Makkal” “Ennai Vaala vaitha theivangal”

    ///Vijay is also fine because he has managed
    Vijay– “Un valkai Un kaiyil.. Envalkai Enkaiyil(Vijay telling here, Thanx to his father, of indroduction to movie)”.. “Neeum nanum annan thambi..” wat non-sense relation he makes..

    Please don’t let Kamal in to that kind of nasty image..


  11. A J Avatar
    A J

    Not only does kamal blow his trumpet in his songs…
    he subtly attacks his competitors
    i could quote a few examples
    (BTW i am a diehard kamal fan!!!!)
    “nilaikka povadhu yaaru….needhaan”
    “imaya malaiyila vandhu ice vikkira(anbe sivam….)”
    “the whole of sakala kala doctor!!!!!”
    “naan imayam thottu vittavan….pagaiyai mutti vittavan!(vikram)”
    He is angry that most of his hard work goes in vain………….
    but anyway…”The” actor is here to stay!!!


  12. Zero Avatar

    Naan thaan appovae sonnene, vaenaam indha padam vaenaam’nuttu..


  13. Kabali Avatar

    BNB -“The RAP lyrics are pure gibberish. something about a new Buick getting stolen.”

    I think the verses are,
    “If your brand new Buick’s got lotsa work of art and its not sittin in the last place you parked.. Good Cop”

    Thats gibberish for you? BNB, what do you even know about rap? Sure, its gibberish for MTV wannabes like you.


  14. Lazy Geek Avatar

    maverick, I never once said a word on thamarai. i am a big fan of her myself. one seperate post for this.

    now that you said this here is a sample line from this song, ‘oru thiriyum nerppum kadhal kondal thondrum thotram ivanthaaney’.

    listening to this line i wanted to shout at gautam, anna anna, give me a break.


  15. Thoppi Kumar Avatar

    I think the ‘works of art’ refers to the graffiti on his car when he parked it in a bad neighbourhood.


  16. bharat Avatar

    That’s nakul with the thin voice. Tippu sounds like Suresh Peters in places and the female voice is raw.
    the RAP is one of the best in tamil songs. Rendition is original unlike most of the vaandhi types. What’s with the hip-hop craze? first Yuvan, now Harris, even Ilaiyaraaja has used in “Madhu”.


  17. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    1) LG, I humbly request you to please care a little more about your grammar
    2) You too BNB? Never imagined you would be so naive as to imagine that Thamarai wrote the RAP for this???? (With or) without the rap, the lyrics rock in this song. People, if you didn’t notice, its Thamizh!
    3) If the juxtaposition of Rasini and Visay with Kamal in the same sentence was not blasphemy by itself, what do you say about the fact that you have assumed that it’s an image boosting song for Kamal as against an intro song for Ragavan, the character? The difference is obvious in the lyrics
    4) To the gentle(wo)man who has made the assertion that KH has “used” Jo and Kamalinee, all that can be said is that i can understand his/her/its uninformed “vaitherichal”. Neenga dhaan saarukku velakku pidicheengalo?
    5) Zero, next time saar ungala kettuttu dhaan padam pannuvaaru. Dasavatharam ungalukku ok-va?
    6) THE ACTOR’S ACTOR will reclaim his throne at the BO IF the flick is released on April 14, given the present imbroglio.

    Rasini, Visay, eh???? Nadathungo!…….


  18. Maran Avatar

    Manjal Veiyil and Neruppu song is my fav. Nice composition in manjal veiyil and nice bass in neruppu!

    Khaka Khaka song the rap part can be decoded. Its about people saying negative things about cops but still end up askin for their help.

    I’m happy how the audio turn up…can’t wait for the movie.


  19. BNB Avatar

    Bala(Karthik): I did not mean to suggest that Thamarai had written the rap lyrics – the ‘You too Thamarai’ point was in response to LG’s ‘You too Goutam’ – about the lyrics hero worshipping Kamal. I don’t think she can escape responsibility for the Tamizh lyrics, though the ultimate blame must fall squarely on Goutam. Maybe I should have written my comment as 2 separate comments/paras.

    You are right about the movie release date – I think it is absolutely crucial. One reason is Pattiyal – I watched it yesterday. Very slick overall. Vishnu Vardhan has made a smart move by releasing it early. If VV releases on time, then it might be Alva for Selva.

    Kabali: I haven’t watched MTV for 5 years. I am not anti-rap, but I am against mixing it with Thamarai’s lyrics. She has resisted mixing English when it doesn’t add anything, unlike some other …



  20. sreekrishnan Avatar

    Hi all,
    that was a good analysis ….of course these kind of songs that talk about a charecter might sound bad in vijay’s movie or vijaykanth ….
    but my views on this is different

    this song sans rap is what I want to discuss (ididnt get the lyrics of the rap wele ..cant commment then)

    So first place how do you say you want to shape the charecter of raghavan
    1. like how T.rajendar introduces himself “Ivanala than engallukku nallathu nadakkuthu”
    2. like vijay kanth speaking 100 lines that tells his charecter
    3. LIke vijay with first half of the movie dedicated to build his charecter
    4. Like Saami’s thirunelvi alwa dancing in the streets ??
    5. Like perarasu’s dialogue “avan adikarthula gilli , sivakasi etcetc ??

    why waste time like that put the charecter sketch as a song you listen bfore the moview releases and you know kamals char. now

    when the movie starts ….instead of showing 1 hr of action scenes and pounch dialogues to build up the hero char. I guess one song in the Back ground and some summarized action scenes as visuals pertaining to the lyrics indirectly will surely make u setup the charecter in your mind well … as soon as the song is over the HUNT starts i mean the story starts ..
    So by then you will know Raghavan is capable of accomplishing great task ..he is a good cop etc etc .. and you dont hear praising punch dialogues !

    ~ if goutham does it what i feel he might have then thats great but if things go the other way .. god savetamil film industry !~

    On the song .. i guess that soft way of singing aggressive-action-explaining words is a new attempt that does not give you a headache like thirunelveli alwa da/vavava en thalaiva etc etc style music …..

    Over all a decent attempt yaar … lets see how its picturised !

    BTW i have 2 more thooughts
    1. the song might not be in the movie at all
    2. if it comes .. titles will be running while action is performed behind and as title are over song finishes and story starts imm… !


  21. sreekrishnan Avatar

    typo’s in my prev. post! ..apologising for that … typed in a hurry !


  22. BNB Avatar

    BTW, I reviewed Pattiyal here – http://broken-news.blogspot.com/ . Adhavadhu Naanum finalla oru blog aarumbichutten. I have harassing LG for too long and had to stop 😉


  23. Abhishek Avatar

    BTW Nakul is the guy who acted as Juju in Boys n also sang “REMO” in Anniyan….. he is my friend n his voice isnt like a gal……


  24. ravi Avatar

    When ur able to rejoice


    this is just a slick of giving intro a personality called raaghavan

    The best part about this song is that even amidst the HIP HOP, u still have her writing in tamizh, and i sort of like it

    let’s see what he gives on screen


  25. iyengarkatz Avatar


    basically you are only bored of people besides rajini and vijay having any intro songs that talk of the heroe’s capabilities??? you are not bored of intro songs altogether in reality! thank GAWD!! mebbe rajini and vijay need to start asking for royalties for any intro songs picturized on others!!

    btw, was this post a review of the song from vv?



  26. m Avatar

    Golt actor Suman doing the main villian role in Shivaji. You read it here first, remember!!!


  27. Deepak Avatar

    the album is fairly good. doesnt rock but its much better than the run of the mill stuff u get to listen today. the first rap song is peppy and is sure to become a hit. LG, i dont see much of hero worship or glorification in this song. it gels well with kamal’s character.

    ‘partha mudhal’ sounds similar to ‘suttum vizhi chudare’. seems HJ is running out of ideas. this song, along with ‘malai veyyil’ are the so-called melodies in the album. i prefer the latter. hariharan has done a great job.
    ‘neruppe’ a folk song is a different track in this album. cant imagine how kamal fits in…got to watch the movie..
    the last track ‘uyirile’ is a total washout.


  28. kamal fan Avatar
    kamal fan

    Well, why does the Character need an intro or intro song? If Raghavan starts off with his first act being the visualised first act in the story , what does the movie lose? Why should there be a montage of his ‘past’ activities to establish his character? Afterall, if he shoots down a terrorist in the climax, we can understand his character as much as if there had been an intro song?

    The very bloodboiling reaction of Kamal fanatics(eg bala karthik) shows how much they appreciate movie making. Brother, get this right – intro sequences, songs are typical mass hero techniques patented by Indian movie makers back in the 60’s. To expect them in whatever form is a clear sign of dumbed-down-by-mass-tamil-movies syndrome. Consult your nearest lazygeek 😉


  29. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Mr. Inayilla Movie Appreciator aka Kamal Fan (???),

    “The very bloodboiling reaction of Kamal fanatics(eg bala karthik) shows how much they appreciate movie making”
    1) Why have songs at all?
    2) How come you don’t make any comments when the (non)actors concerned are Rasini or Visay?
    Merely saying, “Oh, they are good in their genre..” is not good enough. What genre? Unbridled dumbfuckery?
    P.S: You may not have said that and correct me if you don’t belong to the camp….

    The yard stick you use to judge Thamizh films seems to be TOTALLY different from that which you use to judge Kamal films.

    We can understand if you don’t like Kamal. Well, say it, instead of hiding behind your “holier-than-thou” movie appreciator routine buddy. Naangalum padangal ellam pappom appu…..


  30. kamal fan Avatar
    kamal fan

    Mr Bala (Karthik), How many assumptions in your post!

    Why dont you cool down a bit and look at what I am saying without any baggage?
    1. When did I argue for Rajini(Yuck) or Vijay(Eeeeksssss) movies?
    2. To answer you, yes, Rajni and Vijay movies suck. Still, they dont pretend to make great movies or pretend to be great actors, right?
    Catch my point? (what a movie that was by kamal!)
    3. “The yard stick you use to judge Thamizh films seems to be TOTALLY different from that which you use to judge Kamal films. ”
    This is a classic. Did I judge anything other than Kamal here? How come you know of my judgement of tamil movies and how come you know even the yardstick I used? Please come out of your emotional distress on seeing kamal being attacked and then respond a bit more objectively. I am game for an argument not so for baseless allegations.

    4. Neengalum padam paarpeengappa annachi. Naan enna illaina solraen. Adhuvum Kamal fan aache! Ungalukku theriyaadha film appreciationa! En varutham ennanna, Rajni fan-ukku movie appreciation illaina parava illai – they want a different thing from movies. Aana, being a Kamal fan, the basic assumption is that you appreciate movies lot better than them. Hence you should definitely think better than a mass song for establishing a character. Idhu dhaan naan sonnadhan artham.Naan Enna solla varennu purinjikkama pesareenga avalavu dhaan.
    5. or is it 6. I lost count.:
    “holier han thou” movie appreciator routine”
    LOL! You already know of my routine from one single post! You are a genius Karthik Bala!

    One more thing, even a die-hard Kamal fan would not imagine that he had the box-office throne ever to regain it. That throne was always with Rajni only. The fact that Kamal didnt or doesnt have it does not detract even a single bit from his standing as an actor nor does Rajni’s possession of that throne add to his stature as an actor. If you dont understand this and want to believe that Kamal was a box office king, you are welcome.
    Lastly, I like Kamal in many movies. Adhukkaga, avar fart panninaalum supernu solla mudiyadhungo!


  31. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Kamal fan,
    As for points 1 & 2 of yours, i stand corrected. My apologies. Infact, i’d anticipated that in my prev post [quoted below]

    “P.S: You may not have said that and correct me if you don’t belong to the camp….”

    As for point 3, my “assumption” was based simply on the fact that you are conspicuos by commenting [criticising everything including his morning duties and farts about which the rest of us aren’t bothered] only about Kamal. I’m not telling you what you should comment or what you shouldn’t but still…..

    As for the B.O throne, i guess you have no idea about
    a) the B.O status in the 80’s,
    b) the fan followings [In Chennai alone, Kamal had 800 narpani iyakkams in the late 80’s, more than any actor at that time],
    c) the # of silver jubilees, 150 days and 100 day hits.
    And mind you, all of Kamal’s hits were genuine hits, unlike some movies of some actors, which have only the operator as the audience and which keep running to empty seats in Bala Abhirami [noon show] and Shanti theatre. Stats venuma boss? Of course Rajini is a B.O king now but there was a time when Kamal reigned supreme in the B.O.
    You don’t have to believe me, just go ask any distributor/exhibitor. OK, here’s another indicator – check out the results of KH-RK movies which clashed.

    Boss, i don’t blindly appreciate whatever Kamal does. He still does crappy movies and he has done a lot of them in his career. My point is, Kamal is better than the rest in almost everything he does [and he does a lot of things]. Had LG said [like you did], ALL SONGS which sing the praises of the hero/character are wrong, that’s a different issue.

    Fine, you say i’m a die-hard Kamal fanatic which i am, and i’m a proud one at that. You are a die-hard anti-Kamal who has some paranoia about certain things kamal does and doesn’t, as this comment of yours would show.
    “Looking forward to the movie – I am sure Kamal has made full use of the ‘talents’ of jyothika and Kamalinee. Especially the latter must have been fully used by Kamal. looking forward to it.”

    Velakku pidichu kai valichirkkum paavam… 😦


  32. Music Lover Avatar
    Music Lover

    I disagree with you that “nara vettaigal vettaigal aada” spoils the song – I actually found this line to be bloodthirsty and adding to the excitement of the song.


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