20 thoughts on “It’s Vegas, baby !!

  1. talk about coincidence……
    i went to atlantic city last week….stayed at bogarta…..gambled.lost some money. My friends had to force me to stop pushing my luck at the tables.but it was worth it.
    the food at the place is awesome.. i got tired of eating.

  2. AishwaryaRao,

    Did you like it ? I haven’t decided yet – listening 2nd time. LG, it sounds a good CD to play while driving. One thing is for sure, Harris has decided to target Yuvan with this one 🙂 . He has thrown the gauntlet as far as rappu goes.

  3. Bad news: Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu movie release postponed again! I hope it comes out in time for new year.
    The music comprises of very likeable Harris Jayaraj numbers and with good lyrics too. Even the Rap has some meaningful lines, listen carefully :).

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