That’s the ratio of a valid comment to a spam comment, this blog receives. I think the spammers are just nuts. Despite the ‘no follow’ parameter set on every blog comment, I’ve have no clue why spammers are still busting this blog. Nothing happens to their comments. I simply delete them. Are they sadistic enough to waste time in churning comments and be happy that I’m wasting time in deleting comments? I don’t think so. Would be great if some mainstream media does an underground story on them.

They say Word Press has excellent spam control stuff. Prabhu suggested this long time back. Now I’m not interested to move to Word Press because I don’t want to do the same mistake I did a couple of years back in moving from Blogger to Movable Type. Though MT offers more than excellent blogging features, their spam control hasn’t met the needs completely.

Also, I’m tad upset with Google for not being aggressive with Blogger. Even the blogger blog, Buzz, sucks big time. Couple of years back, they used to have wonderful editorials on Blogger. Now they have come to a near stop. Did Google do a mistake of buying Blogger? Would Blogger be better-off without Google? Instead of being bothered by these stuff, I only wish they buck up and finish the known issues & feature requests. At least let the world know what they are up to.

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  1. It is not just spam Guru. It is a whole lot more unsavory stuff that targets a few bloggers (moi included) and that is why I find a few of the older hands have switched to comment moderation, while previously also having word verification. On Yaccs that I use, I have moderation as an option and even tried it once but due to reader feedback against it, had to discontinue it. The only weapon I have now is IP blocking and that has so far been working alright. Sila perukku avanga blog or avanga velai maaththiram paarkka pidikkaadhunnu ninaikkaren. Piraththaiyaan enna panraannu nondardhule mannangalaa irukkaanga :-).


  2. One reason I’m still reluctant to move away from blogger (apart from the fact that u suggested me so ;)) is I ‘still’ have enough trust in google.. they sure seem to be in a slumber so long as blogger goes, but some gut feeling in me says they might after all be doing something about it… blogger is still nascent compared to some of its counterparts… and that means it has a tremendous scope for ground-up innovation…

    and who better to do that than google… 🙂


  3. Agreement with Guru, Thennavan and Kishore. Ferrari, yes – I have faced that a couple of times. BTW, some new portals including rediff are providing what they are calling as blogging feature… but it is nowhere close to blog features that blogger or wordpress or MT offer. Wonder why they sell it that way?