Jeeva, R B Chaudary’s son,

Jeeva, R B Chaudary’s son, seems to be a natural actor. Couple of days back, I watched his first flick Aasai Aasaiyai and some parts of his latest flick , Dishoom. He is completely cool about his on-screen presence which I think most of our new generation heroes fail badly. Either they have to keeping moving on screen or they have to do something to hide their nervousness. Jeeva seems very very cool and his dialogue delivery is so natural that Vijay / Ajith / Simbhu can rightaway take join a two hour training session with him. And yeah, he is pretty tall and also capable of some good kollywood’s gyrating dances.

Contrary to the public opinion, I disliked his characterization and his performance in Ram. And the movie sucked so badly that I wished it was never taken in the first place. If only he could sign-up for the ‘right movies’ unlike Ram, I’m sure he is going to hang around for some more time to come.

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  1. kajan Avatar

    Jeeva is better than his brother. I never looked into his dialogue delivery, though he showed promise in dancing in his first flick. Watched Ram. Wasn’t impressed. Since he is a north indian guy, I thought there would be language problems. But with all the lousy Tamil I hear on movies these days, it just goes over my head. So was surprised when you mentioned his dialogue delivery.

    Simbhu – Can’t talk about.

    Ajith – He was using a dubbing voice for 4-5 years before he spoke using his own voice. Picked up Tamil late in life, though Chennai raised. So it’s not fair to put him with Vijay and Simbhu.

    Vijay – Enna solrathu? Didn’t like anything from him in the last few years, except Gilli.

    I think there are a lot of talented actors out there that are getting overshadowed by film star offsprings. In this list, 3 out of 4 are from filmi background.


  2. AjayR Avatar

    Speaking of Dishoom, I liked the movie for its natural presentation and an interesting screenplay. Jeeva is indeed cool, playing the role with ease.


  3. Aravind Avatar

    Dishoom was a good movie with good performances from jeeva and sandhya.I always thought this guy was a better actor though his films bombed.
    The movie Ram was a hit though.


  4. sanjay Avatar

    i liked ram a lot, not for jeeva’s character though. I thought both Murali and Rahman came up with good performances and ‘Ganja’ Karuppu was fantastic. The movie was 20 minutes and a song longer than it should have been. I think a suspense thriller ends when we know who’s done it. It was unnecessarily dragged.

    Speaking of Ganja Karuppu, all of his subsequent apprearances were very disappointing (more of the same…). But there is this new movie named ‘Kodambakkam’, where he has done a good job again. The movie itself is not too bad compared to its peers like Aadhi, Paramasivan and Kalvanin Kaathali. I am surprised people invest in these stories.


  5. Jaiganesh Avatar

    Spoken like true fan of MR with regards to charecterisation of Ram. I dont know when ppl like you read more deeper literature compared to flat pan sujatha stuff. Get some grip on serious literature and if possible go watch “Edward Scissorhands” by Tim Burton in your free time. Then we can have a discussion of “Pithamagan”, “Ram”, Jayakanthan’s characters and characterisations in movies by “great director” Maniratnam. What ya say?


  6. Karthik Avatar

    Lazy certify panna approm, this guy has got 1/3 of the media section on his side. Now its upto print and television. 🙂


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Jaiganesh, Kadaisiyaa enna solla vareenga. do u accept ram’s charactersisation or not. and fyi, edward SH is one my fave films not just because of jhonny depp. so what’s point here ?


  8. vikram Avatar

    jeeva has improved much as a actor.his performance in dhishoom was much much better than what he managed to do in debut!(though I have not watched dhishoom,the glimpses i had at some of the scenes did convince me that he had “acted” in the film).

    one thing seems to work well in kodambakkam—do some “loosu/psyche” kind of characters and ur graph will grow upwards!

    Sooriya(“markendayan’s payan and not the “$%^” obsessed guy)-doing a “kill-me-mom” in Nandha
    Vikram – doing a “yeerwaadi admitted” guy in Sethu.
    Ajith – doing a “victim-of-no-parental-affection” in Amarkkalam(though his graph dipped soon!!).
    Kamal – doing a serial killer role in Sigappu Rojakkal
    Sivaji – doing a “desa droogi” role in Andha Naal(but he was too good an actor needing a break!!)


  9. Jaiganesh Avatar

    I perfectly accept “Ram” characterisation. I have seen +2 kids thinking and behaving like they are bringing up their parents. Ram is an autistic kid having a similar complex fuelled by assocoations with people who are not his age group . Just a kid with an unusual circle of friends and a terribly “nuclear family”(no relatives to call, no friends to hang out with) with no father around. Now such kids do exist amongst us, they are the introvert, mysterious kids. Just that Tamil film directors have this affliction of trying always to make the audiences to identify with the protagonists in the story, which Ameer also had fallen prey to. Apart from that flaw I couldn’t find any other mistakes with such a(Ram) characterisation. Conrasting this to ESH and Jayakanthan’s characters, there has been no effort to make the audience or the reader to feel empathy for the central character. In case of ESH it is being narrated by te girl who was in love with ESH(a concept adopted by James Cameron for Titanic), so it is a second person account to trigger sympathy(There is a subtle yet significant difference between sympathy and empathy). The very fact that normal(!!??) people like our vikram are so irritated by it shows the success of such portrayals on screen. The fact remains that such characters offer more depth for artists to explore. If you have read Jayakanthan’s “Aadum naarkaaligal aadikondirukkindrana”, you will see a bunch of characters who are the most unnatural, if you have not seen any of them, and for those who have seen some of them(the characters) a sense of fear and relief that they are so much unlike them. Also a suggested read is “Avargal ulle irukkiraargal” which is about so many people whom our normal friends might find so “loosu” kind of.


  10. leo Avatar

    Ajith is good at dialogue delivery much better than Jeeva…Vijay or Simbhu…..Mind your words.