Camel Hassan ?!

Coming to a browser near you. Tomorrow.

To be precise, read this aloud in the famous SUN TV tone – Akila Ulaga Internetil Mudhal Muraiyaaga…..geek blogil…putham puthiya matter, Camel Hassan !!.

13 thoughts on “Camel Hassan ?!

  1. Kamal haasan is openingstarting his own Blog from tommorrow. right??

    i think u hav secret links with kamal camps, and i suspect its sujatha…bcos u r the one who postd the 1st avataar…..

    whatever it may be, pls come back and explain what is camel hassan. or elsoe ur blog wil be spammed!!!!


  2. Hurry up LG…………..

    Wats that.. Camel Hassannnn

    Lots of Tons of people like me waiting….insted of starting my day work…..


  3. sori,…..i got it wrong last time……its not abt kamal’s blog, its about the Ottaga moonji kamal haassan or Ottagaththin mel kamal hassan that u r going to post tomorrow

    but blog-tailoerintor ellaam romba ovarungo


  4. have seen u getting mildly excited when u type kamal hassan’s name on ur blog, but this is exciting me too!


  5. My guesses :

    1. Kamal is endorsing Camel pencils, gum and sharpeners. ‘Ovvoru pencilukkum oru breaking point irukku’.
    2. In northie magz like Filmfare, cineblitz, he’s generally referred to as Chameleon. idhu enna short forma?


  6. My guess is – it is a pic of Kamal with a hump on his back…he is possibly playing a hunchback as one of his roles in dasavatharam


  7. a sculpter doesnt know how beautiful his sculpture is going to be like that Mr.Kamal hassan’s doesnt known the beauti of his changes.

    Mr.Kamal hassan is Bhramas favourite doll


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