APM’s Marketplace rocks !!

I’m going nuts over NPR. National Public Radio as its alternatively called, NPR is one of the finest resource of un-biased news, told in the most interesting way. Though I was aware that such a thing exists, its only a couple of months back I discovered the profoundness of news stories in NPR.

One of the programs that I get to listen everyday is The Market Place, produced by the American Public Media. The core team of Market Place team is currently visiting China and for the last couple of weeks they have been reporting on the Chinese market culture. Though I have read at least one book on Chinese Market and its culture, these reports that come-in through Market Place team has provided some fine insight into Chinese market behavior and prevailing situation in their market. It’s a treasure. And I loved every inch of it.

If you live somewhere in the USA, NPR is a must-listen. And its probably the only news source thats enough to keep you ahead without causing an information overload. This blog alongwith other numerous blogs and news sites, is adding to the information overload on every single individual reading it.

7 responses to “APM’s Marketplace rocks !!”

  1. Hari Avatar

    //If you are live somewhere in the USA//

    Not necessary. You can listen it ‘Live’ over the internet. The streaming is impeccable.


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Yep. You are right. Didnt think much about that !! How obscure would it be to change the sentence on the post as ” If you live somwhere” and take out the mention of USA as the streaming is impeccable and internet is a omnipresent.

    Thanks Hari.


  3. karthik Avatar

    Er. NPR is not totally unbiased and it is not BBC. It is easy to observe a subtle conservative bias if one follows the commentaries on political issues. Most of NPR’s commentators involve reliable conservatives and milquetoast liberals. Their talk-show hosts are afraid to ask tough questions (they have to be nice to their guests after all, sort of following the Jon Stewart approach) and their programming lacks any bite


  4. DeAnna Avatar

    You might just be the right candidate for thier Winter-drive pledge 🙂

    Have been an NPR fan for years now. Slightly diff take from the above comment: I think NPR has, if anything a slightly liberal bias. Jus listen to O’rielly rail against it…and its not a bad thing (a bit of liberal bias) as I am slightly to the left, these days. :-)So, it kind of reinforces my view.

    My favs are Talk of the nation, esp thier Science Friday, ‘wait,wait, dont tell me’, car talk. Local prog on KQED like Forum, California report are ‘must hears’ everyday.



  5. nona (anon is back) Avatar
    nona (anon is back)

    lazy – npr, if anything has a liberal bias. an unbiased media outlet in the us (or anywhere else, for that matter) is somewhat of an oxymoron. to appreciate the liberal bias at npr, start listening to right wing talk radio – o’reilley, rush limbaugh, dr. savage etc. as kartik pointed out, the npr and most liberal talk show hosts are very soft interviewers, keeping in with their target constituency. for real entertainment, nothing to beat o’reilley bully his left-wing guests or rant on the mainstream media…

    if you like npr, download their podcasts on itunes, then you are not slave to their schedule…


  6. thodarumm Avatar

    Yes, I love NPR. That is the only way I keep up with World News at times, listening to it on my commutes.
    NOW alittle OT, LG or anybody else, how can I get Guitar Prasanna’s Raa Raama …
    I tried contacting them through their website, but have not been able to. Thanks for your help!


  7. Jags Avatar


    NPR is a wonderful radio channel and I love to listen to it a lot when I get time. After I got my Ipod, I completely lost track of what’s on NPR. I used be a regular pledge member for many years supporting KQED, the bay area chapter. After a while, I got tired of it and only listen to fun programs like, “Prairie Home Companion” by Garrison Keillor, the infamous “Car Talk” and sometimes “Wait Wait don’t tell me” Quiz. I’ve read books by Garrison Keillor after listening to his show. His writings are mostly about him growing up in Minnesotta. They are very funny at the same time introduces american life in mid west. I also like the “World” news (http://www.theworld.org/about/bios/mullins.shtml) by Lisa Mullins. “Market Place” is good especially when David Brancaccio is around. I understand the initial excitement you’re going through with NPR. I was in the same boat earlier. My interest waned over the period of 5 years. I still love NPR, but listen to it much less than before. Especially, when they go on their pledge drives. In Seattle, you do not get some content I get in the bay area like the “Forum” (http://www.kqed.org/radio/about/staff/krasny.jsp) talk show by Michael Krasny. This used to be my regular listening as I drove to work and now it has been taken over by my cell phone calls. I wish I had more time to listen to NPR, whether liberal or conservative. Enjoy listening…



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