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I watched Majaa and felt happy. The movie wasn’t great but the artists remained intact. Should Kamal Hassan be in Vikram’s place, he would have said, be careful with him for given a chance Pasupathi would walk away with applauses.

Pasupathi the guy whom we spotted from Dhool or even in Kannathil Muthamittal is currently one the most wanted character artists in Kollywood. But thats like caging him. A natural actor like him can be used for any character/any film. Knowing this, probably Kamal wanted him to do the silly comical role in Mumbai Express after a vibrant villain in Virumandi.

In his recent interview to Ananda Vikatan[requires uid/pass], Pasupathi talks about his childhood days at Thandaiaarpet and how he was caught into this magical world of theatre acting. Pretty interesting interview where he recalls his past as roaming in streets assuming himself to be Sakalakala Vallavan Kamal. And thats when he joined Kothupattarai that brought him upto speed on theatre acting. I was surprised to know that he was one of the founders of the legendary Magic Lantern theatre group.

Next Films ? An english film where he is Piccha, a poor farmer. Then, Veyyil, Shankar’s next production directed by Vasantha Balan where Pasupathy is Munusaamy, the projector operator of Kaniappa Talkies. Shankar is also producing, I heard, a Vadivelu starrer named Imsai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi. Both Veyyil and Imsai Arasan seem pretty different. Do we have a Tamil Ram Gopal Varma with Shankar, as expected ?

I only hope Selvaraghavan would use Pasupathy for Pudupet. Wouldn’t that be a devastating combo. Watch out for Pasupathy in the coming days.

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  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Pasupathy is certainly a class actor. I only wish someone does not Give him a Hero chance and ruin his talent.

    He is one of the best Lead-supporting characters we have seen.


  2. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    Is that a flame bait ? The comparison of Shankar with RGV ?

    Imsai has a funny connotation as well – more like Nacharippu; the title itself if funny.

    Virumandi was an awesome movie – even the other guy, the jail warden was splendid. Director Bala was going around his alma mater (American College, Madurai) on Vijay TV some time back. The jail warden is a faculty member and is a graduate of some kind of drama/theatre school in Delhi.


  3. vijay Avatar

    Both Pasupathy and the other inspector guy from Virumandi are good finds. Looks like they had solid grounding in acting and werent picked out of the blue. Kamal is a good talent-spotter and probably has his eyes open for theater actors. Training in theater makes film acting a piece of cake.


  4. narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Pasupathy has an excellent comedy sense in his face expression and the tone he uses. We have seen in both Mumbai express and in Maaja.

    When he says I am Dr.XXX.IAS, you burst to laughter.

    Instead of shouting ayeeeeeee…ayeeeeee in the movies as villain, he could continue to do different characters.

    I enjoyed him in Maaja:-)


  5. thetalkativeman Avatar

    Good one LG. Hope you will cover more of the unsung support artists such as Kavithalaya Krishnan.


  6. docs dope Avatar

    what macha..only talk bt madraasi movies?


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    the talkative man, thanks for reminding me of him. i’ve been thinking to write about him and madan bob. krishan is a fantastic artist. extremely spontaneous and a delight to watch. Kamal did spot him from the balachander club and used him efficently.

    while we all know for his aboorva sagotharargal role where he says, ” nalla paatu sir athu. laaala lala laala lala ley” to janakaraj, the theatres bursts into laughter. i also like him playing the cameo as the advocate involved in kamal meena divorce in avvai shanmughi. should defintely write a post those guys.


  8. Lazy Geek Avatar

    BNB, Nope. not trying to flame this place again. I just thought it was a good beginning for shankar as a director to produce films like kaadhal. veyyil and imsai arasan seem to have pretty interesting premises, i would assume.


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    narsi, yep !! his loud shouting in that dhanush’s sullan was boring.


  10. Hawkeye Avatar

    its a genuine pleasure to read posts like this. i like pasupathy and i think he’s gonna make it big


  11. Raj Avatar

    I love the comedy sense in Pasupathy than other aspects. In mumbai express and majaa he prooved it.

    Kavithalya krishan also another unnoticed person in cine field. I like his character in ‘Manathil uruthi venduum’, in which he plays the role of compounder, where always he used to bet. When i recollect the scene in aboorva sagotharargal, really laughed with in myself.

    Its so nice to discuss about such unnoticed persons who have lost their identity in the crowd.


  12. Saravanan Avatar

    Nasser introduced Pasupathi in his movie Maayan. But it was Dhool which gave him a break. After Virumandi, he started acting in stereotyped roles. Luckily Kamal brought a different facet of pasupathi in Mumbai Express. Pasupathi stole the show from ‘performing’ heroes in Mumbai Express and Majaa.

    I dont agree with keerthi’s comment on pasupathi becoming a hero. Our desi movie viewers always typecast actors to specific roles they play. Like pasupathi typecasted as a character artist/villan. This should change.


  13. randramble Avatar

    Pasupathi was actually introduced by Nasser to Kamal. His first movie was actually “Marudhanayagam”, which is yet to be completed, as everyone knows. He later appeared in other movies.


  14. Keerthivasan Avatar

    cmon Saravanan, if Paupathy was Type casted as Villain, he wouldnt be a comedian in Majaa and MX. He has been given vaired roles.. But i only dont want to loose him, when the smell of Heroism seduces him.


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