Guitar Prasanna is back !!

December approaches and Guitar Prasanna is already in Chennai. Usually he comes over with an agenda. Last time he played in the IIT Saarang and what a pleasure it was to listen to his performance. I did missed writing about his show last last year and this year if he performs again in IIT Saarang, I will be missing it.

This Take Two feature in Hindu, alongwith another guitar artist Pandit Bhatt, announces his arrival. This time he has a special news for his fans. Two of his albums are releasing in span of two months. Raa Rama, a carnatic album is releasing by December 2005. Electric Ganesha Land, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix is releasing by Jan 2006.

I am hoping these albums would be as classy as his previous albums. And yeah, I am expecting to listen to them as before. If you miss to read the Hindu feature, he is in Chennai to record for an ‘untitled’ film of Shankar. Are you guessing it is Rajini’s Sivaji ? Me too.

P.S – Don’t miss listening to the samples especially the number Snake in Electric Ganesha Land. Was surprised to hear Aadu Paambe tune in the end of it. Super Cool.

16 thoughts on “Guitar Prasanna is back !!

  1. There is one other movie that Shankar is producing (not directing) but its not a high profile like ‘Sivaji’ to have Guitar Prasanna. but who knows I might be wrong too.



  2. I’m a fan of GP’s works, as well. He last worked with ARR for “Pudhiya Mugam”, did he work on any other yet? Wish the combo does well again.


  3. AjayR:

    GP’s last work with ARR was for “Yeh jo des hai tera” from “Swades”.

    Lazy, I hope its for Sivaji. Looking forward to some awesome riffs like the ones in Puthiya Mugham!


  4. Same here but i missed the part abt Shankar’s movie.I am sure it is sivaji cuz i dont think others use him other than ARR.So it shud be more like he is here for a commitment wid ARR than a shankar movie.2 years back it wud have been the same and thankfully it is back to the same now.


  5. Thanks LG. I had not heard of guitar Prasanna. I listened to the samples and I have to get it now.
    Wow, I learn about so many things from your blog, even though it is overwhelmingly cinema samacharam.
    Keep up the great work 🙂


  6. Sorry, totally OT comment/request. Can one of you bright guys/gals tell me the English equivalent for Tamil ‘oodal’… I hope it is something esoteric and not some commonplace word that mara mandai me has overlooked. Thanks 🙂


  7. Thodarumm
    ‘Oodal’ is a special, amazing, unique word in Tamil. Tough to find a translated version for this !! But, I got this from a source which I forgot…

    ‘Oodal’ is the reaction of anger to any real or supposed lapse of attention on the part of the lover or husband.

    Lovers’ tiff, maybe!?


  8. Thanks Maverick! Lover’s tiff just does not translate adequately. I think you are right, it is an unique Tamil word that defies exact translation 🙂


  9. Guru, thanks a lot for the info. will get them soon.. I liked his work on july madham so much that when I searched about it some time ago,I hit his forum site where prasanna talks about the guitar chords he used and this little interaction with ARR when recording this song.. very cool really. here is that page..


  10. Thanks again LG. Downloaded ‘Be the change’ and have not been able to stop listening to it.
    I am looking forward to both the newer Albums.
    Raa Rama and Electric Ganesha samples are fantastic.


  11. Greatest moments of Guitar Prasanna.

    My interaction with great musicians – Moving with people who were my greatest heroes is something I feel great about. I have had beautiful experiences talking about music with Illayaraja. It is a great personal experience to talk to a person who was your idol once and identify points of common interest. I feel very fortunate. One of my greatest moments was probably my Alaska performance.

    For the full interview


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