How to meet KamalHassan in the US of A ?

[Pic – Srikanth]

Srikanth Meenakshi sent me an email with an URL pointer to his tamil blogpost. The post started and proceeded with lots of suspense. Srikanth, in the blogpost, writes that he never knew that meeting Kamal would possible include one day of travel back and forth, five hours in blazing cold and eating burrito’s for dinner. Finally they met him, the KamalHassan on Kollywood who was shooting Vettayadu Villayadu in the east coast.

Should email Gautam Menon (?!) to find if there are any plans of shooting in the Seattle Downtown. After all, burrito‘s for dinner isn’t my dinner schedule.

17 responses to “How to meet KamalHassan in the US of A ?”

  1. Kamal looks quite different in this pic. the expression is natural, unlike movie posters…pretty neat, well-groomed and charming…but he seems to have put on a lot of weight. Wonder why he isnt trying to reduce. After all its not a big deal for kamal.


  2. Jeeva Unakken intha vendatha velai, unga thalaivarin padam oduvatharku vendikko pa, paavam avarukku thaan ippo oru hit thevai. Shivaji -yai pathi nee kavalaipadathe, naanga thaan kavalaipadavendum.


  3. hey,
    interesting stuff on ur blog, nice to see someone still keeps track of whts happening in india….neat!!!….I am also from chennai, but rite now in toronto, really missing my hot hot land!!!….cheers,kalaa


  4. yaravathu maruthanayakam paddam eddukka helpannunnkappa.oscar vankappora paddammayya.ippava elluthivayyunga.

    soothsayaer oommkaram


  5. he is the real universal hero..he is the super star.he is adroable,sweet,handsome,passion and charming guy better than rajani viji ajith amithap sharuk etc…


  6. success is not important in life….
    hard work will deserve always….

    kamal (meaning) – Hard work=success…

    All the best thalaiva….

    No fucker in this world to act like my great universal hero Dr. Kamalhassan…