The Return of Teakada

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The time of the year, when Hemanth and me are in same building, we walk out for a evening coffee and eventually endup in the Star of Bucks. As we keep rambling, commenting and yapping on the subject which bridges me and him, the cinema, Hemanth said that he was planning to bring back Teakada. But this time with Puthiya !! Niram, Suvai & Thidam.

Teakada was originally a weblog Hemanth had started back in 2003 that would aggregate news on kollywood and cinema. The naming of teakada is got from our roadside nair kada where people of various walks of life walk-in for a single chaaya. As they dip the butter biscuit in that single strong tea, they keep rambling on the latest happenings in the city. This is where new dimensions to common news usually takes birth. Even if not for new dimensions, news that you have missed which is readworthy are often discussed.

While Hemanth was writing essentially on everyday kollywood he also started to include news and some superb commentaries on news, politics and anything concerned with Chennai. Not just that, Teakada was also aggregating blogposts from the Chennai based bloggers. When it was on a all-time high, he put it to rest to concentrate on other things.

Now, Teakada 2.0 is back with more energy and a refreshing look. Its been two three weeks now since Teakada is brought back and the request from me is to go have a look at it and suggest changes if any.

Teakada also wants more speakers-ya-bloggers who can write on anything about Chennai / Tamil Nadu / Kollywood/ Politics/Music/Literature and so on. Just about anything. The spicier, the better. There are no rules except for the arduments and postings need to be logical. Leave a comment on Teakada or send a note to Hemanth at hemanth.kum[at]gmail and he should able to set you up soon. Already a fiery bunch including Ravages, Nilu, Tilotamma, Karthik and Boston Balaji are brewing tea there. Hop on if you are excited.

Over to Teakada 2.0.

4 responses to “The Return of Teakada”

  1. narayanan Avatar

    Off Topic: was’nt able to access ur site during the early evening hours (around 4-6pm EST).



  2. AjayR Avatar
    AjayR was the close competitor to in the past for best blog in that category. So, now its “acquired”/”merged” like corporates? 😀 No competition of LG?? 😉


  3. Narasi Avatar


    Nalla masala tea pottu koduka solunga 🙂


  4. Deepak Avatar

    Thanks for giving us the link LG. Used to visit this link often when it was up n now shall do it again…
    wish Hemanth a good ‘bhoni’ for his teakada!


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