Sivakasi – Okkamakka Kalakks !!

Vijay in Sivakasi

The process of creating a successful potboiler lies in the art of creating an interesting storyline. While a successful film stops there, a super hit goes into unraveling the interesting story with lots of twists thereby doping the audience. Though how much ever Perarasu sounds completely crass and cliched when they display a title, Story Sceenplay Dialogue Lyrics Direction – Perarasu, has managed to create an acceptable masala that is certain to end up as a Super HIT.

Sivakasi is coming together of a divided family and this ain’t new for kollywood for we have been witnessing this since Kudiyirundha Koil. As a change, the movie starts in the Ranganathan Street of T.Nagar and travels to the village for a climax. Offlate, the stories from villages come speeding towards a city, this story actually is a relief as the second half is set in a village. The speedy second half would actually cover-up for the comedy drag in the first half and when the people come out of theatres, they would certainly look at Sun TV cameras and repeat, “Sir, Padam Super”. The winner is actually AM Ratnam. While a successful movie always reward nearly everyone, AM Ratnam manages to get a super hit from every alternate movie.

Exactly on the fifth minute, an iron door is cut with a gas burner and an image walks out. The camera pans in wide angle from the shoe to show the face. The camera wantedly shakes and a loud harmony of Oh !! Oh !! continues in the background. Few minutes later, the mechanic kid says, “Anney!! Oru anju thadava turn pannunganney”, our hero actually turns five times with a ready-made music of vishk vishk vishk. Irrespective of your movie philosphies, you tend to enjoy just these supremely exaggerated shots and willing to watch this angry young man in action. By the time, our hero reaches for the kumkum plate and make a thilak on his forehead, you are sucked into an idiosyncratic world of Super Stars. With Vijay, An HEIR to the Super Star arrives.

Heroism in kollywood terms, comes easy to Vijay. He is graceful, cool and is on his best when the story requires him to display heroism. This is the third of Vijay’s good movie in the last 3 years. After Thirumalai it was Gilli and now its Sivakasi. Vijay has nearly perfected the rajini pattern and infact I should say he says that loud in few scenes like when he is throwed onto the throne as in Rajini Muthu. Also when he pronounces, Unmaiya Sonnen while vishking his finger. With the boy-next-door looks and a typical dravidian face, Vijay will be celebrated like Rajini. Vijay who is 30 has an advantage of starting early. Vijay is here to stay provided if he doesn’t get carried away in doing ‘different’ movies. I only wish those crappy dialgoues on ‘how to be a girl’ are most avoided.

Prakash Raj actually increased the value of the film. With his role similar to Gilli if not the same, he out performs most of others in the movie. As they say, only when you have a Nambiyaar, MGR can become a hero, Prakash Raj is a must have for such movies. Asin is the heroine. Asin is the heroine. Asin is the heroine. Nothing much about this girl who even laughs in malaylam. The comedy gang spear-headed by the ‘hari-giri’ Chittibabu does a neat job. Prakash Raj’s sidekick, the guy with the beard is actually funny. And as many believe, the director just ensembled the hit characters of the recent commercial hits and brought them together in one movie. The songs and dances are certainly cool and reminding me of Dhill, Gilli, Dhool and Thirumalai.

If you are all out for the movie, you will enjoy, clap hands and whistle along with the crowd and I did miss watching this movie in Kamala among numerous Vijay fans. Have a mighty timepass !!

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  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Vijay, of course will not be carried away in doing different movies for the next few years..

    I guess people will quickly be bored with this guy.


  2. vIJAY aRUN Avatar
    vIJAY aRUN

    Vijay is simply gr8 he can even overtake Rajini oneday, he is the best mass hero in Tamil


  3. tamil Avatar

    Income Tax department got 20 crores of cash from these tax evading heros. No wonder they advice everyone in the world and complain that politicians and police in their films. All because of this bigger than life image and they think they can get away with it.


  4. Parupps Avatar

    “he is the best mass hero in Tamil”
    of course he is, if “mass hero = trying nothing different”. One can always argue that he still manages to captivate the audience without trying anything different. I am sorry to bring politics into this but, who are we kidding, these are the same people who elected jayalalitha despite all the corruption charges against her. I don’t even want to start about OUR other LEADERS(!?). That pretty much sums up how much OUR people hate anything DIFFERENT. As long as that remains the same, actors like vijay can keep exploiting the mediocre standard that our people have set for themselves.


  5. anon Avatar

    lg – you are slipping;

    + first a paen to the vomit inducing drivel hahk and now this ringing emdorsement of sivakasi.

    + so, the movie starting in the city and ending in a village is now termed “pudumai”?? ha, ha – i can imagine the cast and crew in the promo interviews – “pudhu treatment saar, indha padathile chennaile arambichu sivakasi-le mudikkarom. its different”;

    + an heir to the super star ? that’s exactly what tamil cinema needs right now – 5/6 guys aping rajini. this will surely advance tamil cinema forward. dont get me wrong – i am all for “agreeable masala”, but really, a rehash of the thirumalai/gilli formula with their ass backwards (start in city, end in village) does not make it right. you are better off watching ghilli in the reverse order (start w/ post interval and then watch pre-interval); maybe they could’ve released ghilli by editing it in reverse and saved some money. i am sure vijay fans would have lapped it up no matter what…(Btw – i am not anti-anybody, but anti-bad cinema).

    + the rain in seattle is having a detrimental effect on you, my friend….vijay vedikkum busvaanam w/ an atom-bomb soundtrack does not translate to a nethi-adi.

    + mighty timepass = 3 hrs of your life that you will never get back


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Keerthi, He seems to hang around more than what i predicted during rasigan. Cant say what would happen. time will answer.

    Tamil, Quite true.

    Parupps, Is Anniyan a different film ? Whats your take.

    Anons, As I said in the comment to the previous post, keep them coming. You guys rock. Actually you(this anon) are better than the other anon on the other post. the anon on parineeta post was not as good as you anon. anyway, you have a point. i might be slipping. we all slip including the intelligent and stupid anons.

    mighty timepass = 3 hrs of your life that you will never get back. if that’s your take, if you can let me know your anon schedule, I can tell many never-get-back anon hours. also have you anytime thought about why we should get back these hours. time is supposed to be spent not saved. how many hours have you saved in your anon savings back. expecting your reply with my fingers anonymously crossed 🙂


  7. Deepak Avatar

    Lazy, Im not sure whether Vijay will become the next superstar as he is famous for giving either a string of hits or a string of flops. Before Thirumalai, 6 of his movies flopped consecutively – badri,vaseegara,puthiya geethai, bagavathi…etc and everyone wrote him off. The current superstars Rajinikanth as well as Kamal Hassan have acted in flops but have never given a string of disasters. And there was much less competition in their time.
    Vijay, though has bounced back with a larger than life image, if he continues to act in the same kind of masala movies, he sure to end up as a cheap replica of Rajinikant. Remember Dhanush? The one time whiz kid who’s gone nowhere with his ‘masala’ movies?

    By the way, Sivakasi, though had a good opening is turning out to be only an average grosser and not even a Hit. Read Sify’s article:


  8. Nilu Avatar

    LoL. That answer to anonn fell in my domain 😉

    And whats the deal with trying not to sound intellectual? See, if it had been a one off post, I would have let it go. But now, you have over done it – Parineeta, HAHK and Sivakasi…….:))


  9. Vidya Avatar


    “Sivakasi” was ok .. I think it was one attempt at “hitting the hatrick” gone awry. Forget the masala stuff and dishu dishum sandai ..Vijay has a good sense of comedy, lack of it was rather disappointing. Curious as to why that kutti paiyan from “Kaadhal” was not entrusted with this?. Fear of being “stereotyped”????? 🙂


  10. Parupps Avatar


    Anniyan was different in the way the “aradha pazhasana” anti-corruption story was treated. Shankar atleast tries to give something new with the way he presents his story. I felt the whole movie was worth watching just for that interrogation scene where Vikram keeps changing from an innocent iyengar to the murderer and back to the innocent iyengar. I would appreciate someone who tries and fails rather than someone who does the same stuff again and again and again. I seriously think one rajini is enough, we don’t need every young hero to imitate him.


  11. Aalthotabupathy Avatar

    Sad to see LG fall into masala pit. Even worse is when he appreciates it. I do welcome entertainers like sivakasi. But I would like to restrict it to 1/2 hr in DVD when I eat. Total nonsense to watch vijay defining about dressing etiquettes to asin.


  12. Auma Avatar

    Vijay movies are mostly crap as he and his dad have sworn to deliver nothing-but-BS movies.
    Vijay somehow gets saved once a while with directors like Dharani and Surya. Among his string of flops earlier Vaseegara was good though. Vijay’s good pluses are his comic sense, dancing skill & coolness and bad pluses are his action-orientation & “vijay fans”.
    Sivakasi’s 2nd half was bit better though.


  13. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Am really taken by surprise lazy. All the 3 posts. REALLY surprised!!!


  14. TT Avatar

    i have no idea wat has hpnd to u. i used to think u were good in ur reviews. but after reading ur reviews of parineeta and sivakasi… man… i dont know if i have changed over time or u have…
    will read ur reviews with a new angle from now on.


  15. Swathish Avatar

    After reading it for the second time , I think I have got it . LG has written the review in sarcasm of reviews from Tamil magazines.Either that or I have got to stop reading this blog.

    “Irrespective of your movie philosphies, you tend to enjoy just these supremely exaggerated shots” – I don’t mind watching a movie with exaggerated shots maybe once in 2 years or maybe on Rajni (because u have stopped expecting anything more) but not in every Vijay film.

    “An HEIR to the Super Star arrives.” – I hope one never arrives. Tamil Cinema is better off without stupid brain dead movies. Hopefully the education of the masses will be the end of such movies and maybe this blog if it continues in this track.

    “I only wish those crappy dialogues on ‘how to be a girl’ are most avoided.” – OHHH I see…. His other dialogues have a deep and profound meaning? Tamil movie dialogues more often than not are bothered to be politically correct regarding nationalities and races and gender bias.What was different about this movie? It continues each and every trend present in Tamil movies.

    “The songs and dances are certainly cool and reminding me of Dhill, Gilli, Dhool and Thirumalai.” – Recently the dances involving the dhappan koothu tune look like they have been choreagraphed by spastics. In this film not only were they performed by spastics but it looked like it had been choreographed by a spastic with one leg and one arm. As for the music, don’t even get me started. I have seen friends come up with better tunes to bridge songs in school concerts. It was typical. Period.

    “If you are all out for the movie, you will enjoy, clap hands and whistle along with the crowd and I did miss watching this movie in Kamala among numerous Vijay fans.!!” – After studying rocket science (I didn’t, I suppose some one out there did), have we turned into mindless apes that we have to watch these movies. LG goes one more step, he would have enjoyed the company of other mindless apes, to provide insight and later discuss the intricacies of the movie plot.

    This was a movie which had to be shot down and you came out with your guns holstered.



  16. Lazy geek Avatar

    How much ever one thinks about me going crazy about Sivakasi, I think I enjoyed it as much as written here. Me being dubbed to go substandard isn’t new to me. This happened even the Thirumalai review was written. Even when Gillis review was written on the second day of its release, I was cursed for going ga-ga over it. Please do read those reviews and curse me even more !!. But the fact remains that these films are enjoyable and one has no reason to hype a vijay movie.

    If you think I am a fan of Vijay do search for Vijay and read all that’s written about him especially Sachein review(


  17. ranjith Avatar

    this one was one too many i guess, evalavu padam itha mathiriye pakarathu….


  18. Zero Avatar

    [Pointless comment alert]
    I was not actually surprised by this post (or the last 3 posts for that matter) as you do a review on the popular big-time masala movies time and again! But ur reply to that anon didn’t seem to be ur way of doing it!! LOL!


  19. Maverick Avatar

    To all those who trash Vijay movies as crap, what do you have to say about Super Star movies. Vijay’s movies are almost on the same lines of Super Star with hero worship all the way. When people can accept Super Star’s charisma and celebrate all his flicks as mega hits, what is wrong in Vijay doing the same if there are enough people to make it a hit. Maybe, you do no like Vijay aping Rajini. But, there are enough people who are waiting eagerly for the next Vijay’s release (including many of Super Star’s fans).

    What exactly do you want (from Vijay)? If you are looking for a right balance of masala and good movies, we do have Kamal, Surya, Vikram who are ready to experiment with each of their movies. So what are you complaining for? You are able to enjoy those movies more only because you have a Vijay flick once in a while which helps in bringing back the balance amongst the top stars we have. Masala flicks are his forte (just like lollu movies are Sathyaraj’s) and he is making hay while the sun shines.
    As LG said, he is still young and got years to go and maybe who knows..he might experiment at later stages of his career when either he or the audience gets bored of his masala flicks. To his defence, he did a Khushi which was quite different from his actions flicks and tried to repeat it with a ‘Sachein’ which flopped miserably (this was the attempt at hatrick gone wrong and not Sivakasi). You have gotta understand that Vijay has got his limitations as an actor (just like Super Star) atleast for now. He is doing what he and the audience thinks he is good at.

    When asked about doing a variety of roles and expermienting, Vijay told that he is not the only person in this movie making business. There are whole lot of people’s lives at stake with which he doesn’t want to play for his own experiments (I am not naming anyone here). When he is not confident or sure about giving decent hits with other kinda roles, he is not even ready to try it.

    Maybe, his movies are not meant for the folks who look for those intellectual flicks which they can write as ‘classics’ in their blog many years later on.If those kind of people are intelligent enough to know that Vijay’s such flicks are not for them, they would not even goto the movie halls and later regret it. There are masses in millions who are eagerly waiting for a Vijay movie just for pure 100% timepass. They don’t see any harm in leaving behind the logic when coming for a Vijay movie when they can put it to use for watching certain recent flicks of other actors.

    My 2 cents…


  20. veda Avatar

    vijay is ofcourse turning out to be the next superstar following rajni but what is irritating is his continuing dialogues and scenes in all films on how a typical tamil girl should be?this is exactly what rajni does in all his films.avoiding this kind of scenes will be the only way to get young female audience to his films.he has mass audience thats true,but he needs to come out of typical masala types if he really to upgrade the rasikas rasanai


  21. bart Avatar

    If I note it right, LG doesn’t talk about the movie in-depth even in his review. He talks more about AM Ratnam – behind the screen, about mass masala movies and Vijay taking off on Superstar. The movie is plain simple – leave your brains, sit back, whistle and move off… Nothing much to talk abt it. But yes, inspite of this, the first half sticks out like a sore thumb.
    I am not sure if the same movie had featured Rajini and the review had been the same, the comments would’ve been so attacking…
    In the past, how do you account for movies by the same talented kamal like “Mangamma sabatham”, “Kathal parisu”, “Antha oru nimidam”, “naanum oru thozhilali” and many other duds. Forget his other nonsense movies that went on to become hits. Did yesteryear Mike Mohan not give stereotyped stupid movies and later did a decent act in MounaRaagam? Commercial movies always will exist in every part, like Vandamme movies in hollywood.. Like it or hate it. But I would say don’t hit a person for liking it…


  22. K.Shyam Avatar

    intresting point.i still can’t understand the indignation people have when you say a vijay movie is good or decent !
    in fact i found sivakasi to be 100% timepass. except of course the female dialouges which you had mentioned !


  23. Nallavan Avatar


    From someone who thinks dat Anniyan and Ghajini r not really worth it, this is a very big surprise. V should remember one thing, even though Vijay does everything like Rajini, it will never make him a superstar. Jus b’coz he speaks in a slang which Rajini uses or copies his style he can’t become SuperStar. Though he has a huge fan following, I don’t think he wil really be followed as the next SuperStar. If Vijay really thinks dat women should be properly dressed, he can very well implement it in his films where most of the heroins come in a two piece costume during songs. And the way he speaks about it is totally DISGUSTING. Personally I really don’t think Vijay can be considered a gud actor.


  24. Lazy geek Avatar

    Zero, That was a timepass exercise. BTW I sense your comment to be lots of subtlety.

    Nilu, The zest to be sub-intellectual and non-idealistic.

    Nallavan, No one says he is a good actor but he could reach there. BTW, I never said Ghajini isn’t good. and Anniyan was gross. Just because there is 20 crores of business or chiyaan vikram is there, it doesn’t make it a great film.


  25. Maverick Avatar

    //If Vijay really thinks dat women should be properly dressed, he can very well implement it in his films where most of the heroins come in a two piece costume during songs//

    🙂 Good one.


  26. Zero Avatar

    LOL! No subtlety intended there.
    I added my comment since I was wondering why ppl were surprised by ur take on Sivakasi. Anybody who read ur old reviews should not be complaining something as rambunctious as “lg – you are slipping;”. You are not the i-watch-real-serious-movies (pseudo-?)intellect, right? But “anon, keep them coming” fell into Nilu’s domain, as he himself put.


  27. srkriz Avatar

    Im jus waiting for yr next post on “Pambara Kannalae – kuthudaa Aakkara !! ” .. with which you’ll come one complete
    circle ;-))

    Edhu ellam kuda OK ma ..’Chandrababu naidu laddu pathila Jilebi’ngra kadhaiyaa ‘, cycle gapla ‘Thirumalai’ yei nalla padam nu sonninga parunga .. athudhan ennum manasuku kastama erukku !

    LG ( like Indian Cricket Team )- Koncham ungala nambinom .. adhu thappaa ??
    Kowthiteengalae !


  28. Lazy geek Avatar

    SrKriz, Sory about that kowthiteengale. I do feel upset that I let some people’s beliefs but do you think I should say, Vijay sucks in Sivakasi when he is actually done a decent job. Thats when I start to play for an audience and will eventually play for the gallery 🙂


  29. Lazy geek Avatar

    Swaathish, Good arguments there but we can’t say Vijay’s fans as apes then Rajini’s fan would be king kongs or Anacondas. Thats not an anlogy we are going to argue about.


    If this movie could generate so many cries why did no one had any remarks of a remarkably well shot Aayitha Ezhuthu and Virumandi. AKK and Virumandi though completed 100 days for the heck of it, are mere flops when there are guardians of tamil intellectualism go.

    As Kamal says in Kurudhi Punal, Enakkum Samudhaaya kobam ellam irukku but there seems to be no one to fight with when movies like AKK and Virumandi releases. All the intellectuals ‘bandh’ themselves when such movie releases and come over to cry over when Sivakasi is a success.

    Irrespective of whatever said and done, which ever intellectual movie fails or runs, we have to admit cinema is an art and could be perfected anyway. Without commercial movies, Tamil industry would be like Kannada and I’ve even told about the dream plan of making successful potboilers only to keep the flame going while slowly injecting the good movies. no one’s listening ?


  30. Zero Avatar

    the basic difference is this. We love Cinema for the way it is. Some love cinema for its intellectual stimulation (not that we don’t). So, they are not going to listen if you are talking about “the dream plan of making successful potboilers only to keep the flame going.”
    It ain’t their goddamn job to think this way. and they are right in their own way. And so are we.


  31. karthikeyan Avatar

    IMHO, any one who watches a vijay movie is a stupid. and by any chance a guy praises the movie then he is a moron. one can safely categorize people praising vijay as loafers. so it seems that now mr.lazy geek had joined the “elite” group.
    i will never read your blog again. bye…..


  32. Vijay Avatar


    Cinema all said & done is business. Profit making is the only motive in business. It’s very difficult to mix art & business. Very few can do it. As vijay had said in a interview, there are a lot of people in the lower level who depend on cinema for their daily bread. So films are always with a thought of profit making. On the other side, there are a lot of people to do serious cinema. So, it’s like a buffet lunch. Take what you want and don’t curse if you have picked a bad dish. There are others who would cherish it.

    I support LG on his views. After all it is his own view. He has liked the dish he had picked.


  33. suderman Avatar

    Onga okkamaka review!!
    this is wat ive been saying too for the last one week in my blog and dealing with know-it-all anonymous commenters and much opposition from folks who dismiss these movies off even without watching them.
    but my point to them is: if u havent seen them and that too in context, how can u even open ur mouth to criticize??
    kalakks machchi!!
    I like!


  34. KrishLakshman Avatar

    Did you write the review immediately after watching the movie? It happens sometimes. This guy Vijay has such a great screen presence that you peps up the audience all the way especially in movies like Sivakasi. When you come out of the theater, you are in an upbeat mood. That’s what probably caused your ‘exciting’ reaction to Sivakasi. If you watch it again in VCD just 2 days later, you may feel its full of crap.

    Personally, I feel Kollywood has got the next superstar. Vijay is just electrifying on the screen. With Sivakasi, he has gone overboard in dialogue delivery. But Sivakasi is not in the league as Dhool or Gilli. Yes, they are mass entertainers, but don’t have ‘larger than life’ hero images, out&out kuthu songs and chauvinistic dialogues.


  35. vikram Avatar

    A.M.Ratnam evallavu kuduthaaru 😉
    (just like Kamal in Nayagan asking Vijayan “Settu evallavu kuduthaaru?”)
    I agree that Sivakasi is a good time pass flick(but beleive me I am not a die-hard visiri of Vijay – in fact I feel Vijay is too stereotyped and if hes gonna give one more Thirumalai or Gilli or Thirupacchi or Sivakasi -I will say a big No NO!!).
    The review should have been – “nalla masala padam.pakkanumna poyi paarunga”-plain & simple!!
    adha vittutu–thalaiva-edho oscar padam rangekku review kuduthu irrukeengale-too much!!


  36. Ananth Avatar

    To those who ask “won’t you appreciate if Rajini had acted in Sivakasi”. I would, because Rajini is a orginal, his style and mannerisims were all developed by his own creativity, whereas Vijay is a copy cat, his “anna vanakam” is a eadichan copy of Rajini.


  37. Zero Avatar

    I would, because Rajini is a orginal, his style and mannerisims were all developed by his own creativity, whereas Vijay is a copy cat, his “anna vanakam” is a eadichan copy of Rajini
    Now, thats funny. Neither was Rajini so original in his acting; nor is Vijay such a big bad copycat.
    I find that many Vijay’s movies have the same story which again are a throwback to Rajini’s movies which again throwback to someone else.
    But, his nakkal-based/accent-based dialogues (which is the acting part you could extract from an otherwise I-just-talk Vijay) does seem to be different (and off-late much inspired from Vivek and Vadivel) from Rajini’s who had one accent all through his life.
    A note for all before madichufying their vaettis:- I puked all over Sivakaasi (as Nilu would have put it).


  38. vasanthi Avatar

    Okay LG you have liked the movie agreed. But why are all the bloggers hell bent on comparing vijay with Rajni-he is just no where.Not even half way through. A couple of sivakasi remakes then we will have to wait for vijay to come back in a new avatar-the way he had to break his stereotyped lover boy image and torture us like the way he is doing today-trying to imitate Rajni.And I didnot like sivakasi not because it asked women how to dress-just because a plain-bad movie not even a good masala movie-only masala no movie


  39. suderman Avatar

    thalaivar himself styled himself after sivaji ganesan. he’s admitted it many times.
    initially, he drew a lot of flak for imitating sivaji’s dialogue delivery.
    but public memory is short.
    today, we celebrate him as tho he’s invented style in dialogue delivery… he just re-invented it. vijay is doing exactly what superstar did years ago.
    there’s certainly a large influence of what thalaivar does, but it works more as a tribute because he takes off from from where thalaivar left.
    and that sort of identification is necessary for the ‘vaarisu’ branding. Vijay sells cuz people want to see the next rajnikant, they sooo badly want a matinee idol.


  40. யாத்திரீகன் Avatar

    ஙொக்காமக்கா கலக்கல்ஸா.. என்ன குரு.. சரி.. ஒரு மசாலா படம் பார்த்து ரொம்ப நாளாச்சுனு பாத்தா.. கொய்யாலே.. முதல் பாதியவே பாக்க முடியல.. சொம்மா.. பொம்பள,ஆம்பளனு …கடிய போட்டுடானுங்க…

    Okkamakka Kalakals-aa ?! yenna guru, sari oru masala padam paathu romba naal aachunu paaththaa.. goiyala.. modha paathidyavee paaka mudiyala …chumma pombala, aambala-nu kadiya potutaanunga..


  41. Anoop Avatar

    well i dont really get as to whts so disturbing for ppl if u express ur views on a movie!! after all movie is about entertainment….. most ppl who are shouting here keep their mouth shut and watch a hollywood movie (English movie paaanu oru perumidhathoda).. though the movie happens to be probably a rehash of all rajini stunts!!! movies were born or created for entertainment… taking tamil cinema to a diff level etc is fine but once in a while u do need some masala movies….. Stop judging movies or else you wud never love em!!


  42. Prince Roy Avatar

    Re Vijay:

    the hair people, the hair. The pompadour died with Elvis. May it rest in peace. Somebody had better inform Vijay…


  43. Deepak Avatar

    Wow Lazy, pora pokka patha, Sivakasi silver jubileekku munnadi, indha thread siver jubilee thottudum pola irukku!

    i feel, so many ppl have expressed their anger cos till now u have projected some sort of ‘elite’ image thru ur reviews n comments. i havent read many but still the outlook kinda suits the niche type of readers, i guess. its these ppl who get frustrated when someone glorifies a typical front bench hero like vijay. i bet u wouldnt hv faced this opposition had u given a stinker review for even the worst kamal movie..(by the way,a correction: AE flopped but Virumandi did decent business, i believe).
    guys, its these people who decide the fate of a movie. so its not fair to blame vijay for making such craps like madure and now sivakasi. but i strongly believe even these front bench maha janangal will get irritated by his acting soon.

    “when the people come out of theatres, they would certainly look at Sun TV cameras and repeat, “Sir, Padam Super”. “…that was good. u shud hv added ‘saangs sooper. paight takkar. viji acting yadhaartham. ashhin nachunnu kudhu’.

    But from the posts in this thread one can easily come to the conclusion that Vijay’s fans and Net surfers are two disjoint sets.

    Mr.Vijay, lookout! one more sivakasi from u n u’ll face the wrath of many more angry young men!

    a trivia guys: last time i visited chennai and saw a poster: Sachin completes 200 days in Kamala!…adra adra adra….


  44. Swathish Avatar

    Deepak .. I think you have summed up the thread pretty well.


  45. silicon sillu Avatar
    silicon sillu

    sivakasi is an 50 day house-full move. if it runs more than that, i have to repeat my fav quote “aalai illaatha ooril iuppai poo thaan sarkkarai”

    sivakasi not in kamala, prabhu owned kamala “runs” athu oru kanaakaalaam to promote rajni’s maappillai, chandramuki nandri??


  46. vasanthi Avatar

    Deepak-I second your thoughts


  47. Kreshna Avatar

    Scene for scene he imitates rajini and you people calling him the next superstar and also saying one day he might overtake superstar……Absolute CRAP!!!

    Just call him a copycat…thats what he is actually….


  48. cellvi2003 Avatar

    A total crap movie, Vijay can never be a Superstar like Rajini, if he continues like this, his market will come to an end.


  49. anon Avatar

    “if that’s your take, if you can let me know your anon schedule, I can tell many never-get-back anon hours…how many hours have you saved in your anon savings back.”

    lg, my friend, you are missing the point; what i wrote was a friendly reminder to folks that their time can be better spent doing other things, not to get into a discussion on my anon-(time)savings-bank account..(which btw, is zero – because the daylight savings time both adds and subtracts one hour every year, ok kadi joke:)

    this reminds me of conservative talk show radio hosts in the usa. instead of defending their point , they choose to turn the question/argument around.

    btw – re: the vijay, rajini discussion reminds me of a dialogue from my all-time favourite masala movie – apoorva sagodaragal: nagesh to his cronies: “daadhi vechavan ellam tagore-um illai, suruthu pidichavan-ellam chruchillum ille. chants of “oh oh” in the bgm and a vishk vishk does not a super star make.

    btw, rajini is a far superior actor than vijay will ever be. i feel that rajini’s transition to a superstar is one of the great compromises in tamil cinema history, for we may have gained an icon, but lost a fanstastic actor (i am sure you have seen his kb movies, or jhonny, bhairavi, 6-to-60, ilamai unjal adugiradhu etc.). vijay has done nothing noteworthy in his career so far. the only positive i see in him is that he seems to work hard at strutting his stuff and had finally come out of the shadow of s.a.chandrashekaran.

    ps: the only “mass” hero remaining in tamil cinema is prabhu, though sarat kumar and kamal seem to want to vie for that position. i am sure prabhu is not giving that up as yet, what with thalaivar telling him not to slim down just yet in chandramukhi.


  50. vijay Avatar

    I dont mind if LG and few other serious reviewers feel the need to go “mass” once in a while. But when a film like Anniyan is released the same ppl don the hat of a movie critic and try to find faults with it
    and complain thats its old wine in a new bottle. If Anniyan was sub-standard by commercial movie standards and by Shanklar’s standards then how is Sivakasi “enjoyable”? How is it even as good as stuff like Thirumalai, Gilli etc. which we have already seen?

    And all these comparisons betwen Vijay and Rajni is laughable. Rajni started off as a villian did some roles that only he could have done, did a few character roles as well and then developed his own style/mannerisms to become a SS. Not like Vijay.
    Even Simbu has realized this and has moved on, but not our man Vijay who is desperately trying to woo the B and C-center Rajni fans with his Rajni-successor propaganda. Even masala movies can be made differently, innovatively and can be enjoyable. But toeing the same formula and copycatting should’nt be supported, especially when the result is crass and crude. From what I read in sify Sivakasi’s collections have been slipping after first week which is a good sign. Hope our masses continue to be discerning.

    whistling and enjoying Chandramuki through and through in a theater, without donning the critic’s hat, is one thing. Endosring a cheap copycat’s product in a similar way is’nt. Vijay, to borrow what I read elsewhere, is a “glorified extra”. Nothing more.


  51. vijay Avatar

    “I only wish those crappy dialgoues on ‘how to be a girl’ are most avoided.”

    why? thats been his trademark. Strange that you would enjoy Vijay films yet wouldnt want him to mouth his usual inane chauvinistic “punch” dialogs


  52. Maran Avatar

    Well its same vijay movie with different director,
    its irritating when he act like its self its below average


  53. Sathish Avatar

    Hi friends….

    I am very happy to announced that Vijay’s movie is slipping very quickly at the box office.

    Vijay can never be Superstar Rajini….

    He is not even ashamed to copy all those stuff.
    And yes, some of you were right, he was very irritating when he speaks all those corny lines..
    You might guess he forces himself to speak all those lines…

    Just forget about Sivakasi and wait for the real Deal…: ‘Sivaji – The Boss’


  54. Nesh Avatar

    I think sivakasi is good movie…entertaining…and why cant vijay become rajini? rajini is getting old and in a few more yrs he will be retiring…so who said a new superstar cannot rise…dun tell me that even rajini is perfect…look at his younger time movies…was it all great? dun tell me he didnt get inspired by someone and copied some of their styles? sure he would have done so….but thru many yrs of exp he has changed and established his own styles…the same goes for vijay, he is kinda training himself, aint it? dun be complacent and try to accept new people…its even disappointing to see that there are people, educated people, lawyers trying to sue vijay…these stuffs jus refelcts the attitude of the people….


  55. RRajan Avatar



  56. REVATHY Avatar

    MR.VIJAY ,



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