Shankar ? A Legend ?

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Shankar’s website, Director Shankar has a splash screen that displays the above picture. We are yet to decide if Shankar is legend or not but there is legend standing in the front of camera, called THE BOSS. Know who ?

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  1. HE IS DEFINITELY OVERRATED. here is the list of better tamil film directors.
    mani rathnam
    balu mahendra
    bharati raja
    and few more…

  2. Sri Hari, I miscommunicated earlier. Have changed it to ‘front of the camera’. Its pretty easy now. I thought people knew who THE BOSS was.

  3. So, Kamal is adjudged a better director based on just the sole film that he directed ? Isn’t that over rated ? No doubt he is a great actor.

    Shankar is a commercially more successful director than anyone else in his time.. He still is. Boys was just an exception. Anniyan came close to breaking a record. And Sivaji will paint a different picture.

    If not a legend now, am sure he would get into the league of legends.

    Is that Sujatha behind the camera ?

  4. Shankar and legend. They do not belong together in one sentence. He is absolutely overrated as he can make movies that can sell to the masses. Also, I looked at his site. The contents does not parse in my brain. The flash says he is Magnanimus. Don’t they use spell check for director that is known to be very meticulous.

    And the tips for direction is comedy list. Item #1 is noncoherent, Item #2 is the exact opposite of what he does in his films, the rest are so trivial that one does not need to learn it from a so called legend.

  5. when u call urself a geek in ur site. there is nothing wrong in calling shankar a legend in his site. am i not right?

  6. vara vara ithuve ingalukku polappa pochu!

    Nowadays lazy u r lazy to tell full story to us and just posting some pics and letting audience[ourself] to bash on imaginary issues and the thread goes in different directions

    intha siteil yaar blogger, neengalaa naangalaa??? or u hav an idea to convert this site to a picture-blog?
    ungalukku vera velayee illayaa??

  7. //mani rathnam
    balu mahendra
    bharati raja
    and few more…//

    A shocking rating !

    Sridhar, K.Balachandar, BharthiRaja, Manirathanam, Shankar & Cheran…I think, we can end up this list!

    Kamal is a Good actor rather than Good director

    Bhakyaraj is a good screenplay writer rather than his other avatars…

    Nothing to comment on other chotta batche!

  8. ‘THE BOSS’ is what i think is tagline for Sivaji.
    Thalaivar gonna kick ass all over the place in this movie.

  9. Kamal is the boldest director in tamil cinema in this day. He does not walk away from the issue like MR or do a feelgood job like Cheran. He is crude and to the point and its hard to take for many. We are waiting for some some white guy to recognize him, thats all.

  10. Murugadoss called a great director just after his stupid movie ghajini was released is not even funny.
    How come nobody mentioned Pithamagan BALA ?

  11. yeah i forgot to mention bala. this is not a ranking of directors. just i listed the directors who are better than shankar.

    murugadoss made a very good ramanaa with a social cause that too with captain in the lead.

    anniyan took 27 crores and 1.5 years. but ghajini just took 5 months and 8 crores. so i mean to say that shankar is a budget-booster

  12. late here.

    Somu, Kamal can be called a better director. He has directed 2 tamil films officially. “Virumandi” and “Hey Ram”. I seriously doubt Anbe Sivam been directed by Sundar.C. Virumandi and Hey Ram are not movies some petty director can easily walk on.

    jags, here’s the sentence with Shankar and Legend. “Shankar cant be a legend as long as he is a Masala director”.

  13. I think good masala films aren’t easy to make cuz the director is taking a topic which has been beat to death. I have no qualms in a masala director being called a Legend but Shankar is not one yet.
    I prefer Shankar’s masala flicks over Rajni’s and Vijay’s! If Shankar continues to enjoy the same success for another 5-7 years i.e. 3-4 films he’ll sure be a Legend – The BOSS of Masala Films!

  14. Horrible List of Legends!!!!!
    Shal i give another List ?
    ” K.Balachander
    Balu Mahendra
    Shankar ”

    We can put Cheran in a category just below Legends.
    Selveraghavan , Bala and Kamal Haasan are good Directors. Perticularly Kamal
    I Like Kamal’s Direction More than his acting.. some times i feel as if he is overacting.. but as a director he is Perfect.. i too like to put him in the list of Legends but have to wait till he give us a Super Hit film.

    Dharani, Murughadas and Goutham are going in a path to entertain the massess like Shankar.
    Mainly Murughadas can be called as Juniour Shankar considering the theme he selecting for his movies.

  15. Hey guys Its a official content which they have created and Like in a marriage the Hero & Heroene is Bride Groom – Here in this site Shankar is the Legend in his site. I think this is nothing wrong in putting this way. and in other words the legend text is in front of the camera that is the Audience who is watching the movie they are the legends!!! so stop this nonsense yaar!!!

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