Calling Amma !!

With all the storm blowing between the Kings of Bangalore, it’s time for the Amma of Tamil Nadu to reach out and woo Infosys into Tamil Nadu. 500 acres near the ECR at government ‘rates’ would be enough to make Infosys shift headquaters to Chennai. We lost it once before, not anymore. Come on, Time to get Bangalored Chennaied !!

17 responses to “Calling Amma !!”

  1. sat Avatar

    Music to my ears.

    But I dont think Chennais that “clean” either.


  2. Ravi Avatar

    The phrase ‘Time to get Chennaied’ would mean a bad thing happening, actually! That is, Infosys should be exiting rather than arriving!
    I think you meant its time for Bangalore to get


  3. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Infy is opening a new centre in Chennai. Mahindra city, Maraimalai nagar. The centre will have a seating capacity of around 10000 people 🙂

    Not just the wars Lazy, you should have seen the stae of bangalore after the weekend rain. Its bad, will be an understatement!

    Infrastructure has crumbled!


  4. sreekrishnanv Avatar

    guys … im living in bangalore …
    I saw a comment posted above … saying “chennai isnt clean either” ..
    I think in chennai u can drive your cars on the road. but in B’lore i challenge anyone to drive cont. for 30 sec. esp in hosur main road .

    and if u see the traffic problem here you will know it then why chennai is all time better than bangalore!

    in chennai u have software comapnies streamlined only on the IT highway not inside the city limits … that itself will make it a paradise for IT companies


  5. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Many top IT companies are shifting base to Chennai. While Chennai seems to be better equipped to handle infrastructure problems like traffic etc it can be seen that the traffic is indeed getting worse. The Madhya Kailash junction is a big bottle-neck. Let’s see…..


  6. Aravind Avatar

    Amma has heeded to ur post.There are six flyovers coming up in chennai.2 in Adyar.1 at the madhya kailash.


  7. raj Avatar

    lazy, Rajashekar Reddy has already set the ball rolling and today’s Deccan Chronicle carries a report about him wooing Infy to Hyderabad – I am too lazy(yeah, you call yourself lazy?man, I have been writing my blog in my mind for last few months – now, beat that for lazy:-) ) to ferret out the link for you. But I guess AP guys are more focussed that way


  8. chennaite Avatar

    Not another Banglore in Chennai please.Who wants that kind of traffic.Its all modern outside and congestion inside.Chennai as is ,is doing fine.If at all the impossible is possible i would love the wide broad roads of blore along with the pleasant climate.
    Moreover why do we vie for IT companies..we have so many industries in chennai especially the manufacturing industries.Isnt detroit of the south not enough?Despite its shortcommings Namma Chennai always..lets hope it gets better.


  9. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i

    Wide broad roads of bangalore? By any chance you referring to the capital city of karnataka? I doubt


  10. chennaite Avatar

    Yes ,the capital city of karnataka..with broad roads and trees on either avenues.Pity that the traffic completely overshadows it.I must say that otherwise they are really wide and broad unlike Chennai.


  11. Hiren Shah Avatar

    Infosys is an asset no matter where it goes. I happen to be a stocktrader and I know how highly they are perceived in the market. More than that
    their value systems are excellent.


  12. F e r r a r i Avatar


    Sorry dude. There are hardly 1 or 2 roads like you mention. The south end road etc. But otherwise its all rubble,craters and potholes now. Rain has made it worse. Bangalore infrastructure is in a mess!


  13. Kishore Avatar

    Ahem.. Ahem…


  14. Bharath Avatar

    Hey, chennaia kedathadadenga.
    Chennai is good. But i fear the IT people will get it also bangalored.


  15. Lazy Geek Avatar

    I think we shouting is all in vain. Reddikaaru is pakka planning. Let’s watch how Infosys is getting Hyderabad-ed!!


  16. KrishLakshman Avatar

    Chennai does not need an Infosys to prove that its marching ahead in IT. Maran is hell bent on bring all the global players to Chennai. If Nokia, Ford and St Gobain don’t make a good mix, nothing else will. Just depending on IT and their huge buses will not help any city.

    Infosys is already operating from Mahindra city. It will be their largest DC employing 25000 people in a single campus. Housing facilities are also coming up within Mahindra city. This way, You can live in the office all your life. Only some dumbos can leads such a life.


  17. Vignesh Avatar

    Chennai is a lot good in R&D stuff. So we are very much happy about Cisco, Ericcson, Nokia, Alcatel pouring their money for R&D centre in Chennai.

    Since bangalore, hyd, poona are there for IT services, why add chennai to the list. Let chennai be home of R&D activites across fields and also a great place for tradition and music.



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