Two Sides of a Story

If this side of the story is like this, from India’s National Newspaper dt Sat Oct 1, 2005 –

The photographs of young men and women drinking and couples kissing were published to reveal the `immoral’ goings-on at the party. The odd thing was that no one in these pictures was “scantily clad” (as alleged by the police) but the affair exposed the hypocrisy of a tabloid and tabloidising section of the press that regularly publishes `scantily clad’ and suggestive pin-ups of film actresses as a circulation booster.

the other side also has its own qualms, from The People’s Paper dt Oct 15, 2005 –

The moral jury stepped out in Chennai last week to pronounce that five star hotels are ‘holy’ places where police cannot enter. The jury was appalled at the mention of the word ‘obscenity’ and, pray, what bar licence? The conservatives in the city breathed fire, the jury was not concerned. For them, the rest could go to hell. The Chennai Police, they said, had no right to suspend the hotel’s licence.

But in Chennai, it’s not a big deal to find an escort these days. Just hang around the pubs and the discotheques. If not, there are classifieds to fall back on. One ad reads thus: “If you are an independent escort and willing to provide a full service, please contact me.”

Mylapore might be continents away from Malibu but Chennai’s hit the fast lane. To where, is a question the moral jury should decide as it careens between police stations and discos.

By now way this is to compare the quality of newspapers. Just extreme samples from an entire gamut of perspectives. To which extreme of this spectrum you belong, is a priceless question to your value system ?

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  1. Narayan Avatar

    I identify myself with the views expressed in “the Hindu”. The same tabloid uses strong sexual innuendo in their “suday na rendu” ads.


  2. brood_mode Avatar

    this happened in chennai? interesting


  3. F e r r a r i Avatar


    Media has gone to the dogs! In this instance Dinamalar is the culprit. But if you look at Many other instances ‘The Hindu’ is the culprit. They might not portray sexy pictures on the newspaper.

    But they do bigger crimes of promoting the ideoligies of the KGB Agents(Communists).

    Name one newspaper or news channel, that is not bad? Not just in India. All over the world!!

    And if you see. All these media shamelessly report it as if the problem is with people and the city. But these shameless people fail to realise that it the MEDIA that is the reason for all these problems!!


  4. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    So being a Communist and promoting Communist opinion in this country is a Crime (or atleast in Ferrari’s opinion). Maybe we should go on Commie hunts in India too Mr Ferrari, to keep the spirit of Senator McCarthy alive.

    And btw my two pennies worth on this………
    Isn’t it the same as the customer prostitute problem. If ( and a big IF that)a prosti is sinning what about the guy who goes to the brothel. The same here. We are ready to pounce on the people who do such acts, but what about those who take interest in publishing and reading such activities. Aren’t they sinning. Sex and religion are private issues. We should be keeping it that way. And this holds for both sides actually. But to say that this hurts the sentiments and breaks the moral fibre is a big heap of shit.


  5. F e r r a r i Avatar


    Ofcourse it is a crime supporting communists. What is the ideology of communists?

    1. Stop all developments in the country. And be a stumbling block for something good happening
    2. Screw the life of hindus. Ridicule the life of everyone who is a hindu.
    3. One rule for kerala and west bengal. Another rule for rest of the country
    4. Frequently call for strikes, and thereby bring the economy down.

    5. Pls check todays Rediff.
    These fools want to bring a trade union in the IT industry. If something is good, they dont want to leave it.

    And in your comment you had mentioned that sex and religion are private issues.

    But for your dear communists sex and religion are private issues as long as it is commited by a non-hindu. A different yard stick will be used for a hindu. Thats the policy of our dear communists.

    Tell me one good thing the communists have done for the country?

    Wearing white and white and leading a simple life doesnt make them the greatest human beings.

    Ok. Agreed. We should sustain on our own. And not depend on foreign aid etc. Just for argument sake, if china or russia is going to provide us aid will the communists raise a voice? They will run with their tails safely in between the legs!

    Supporting communists, and advertising their agenda is not a crime. It is a DISEASE!


  6. Nilu Avatar

    Supporting the commies is not a sin but just so freakin stupid.


  7. TamilPonnu Avatar

    I need to come to Chennai to party.. where is this club at!!!! I’m glad ppl are enjoying love & life.


  8. Uma Avatar

    I am saying absolutely nothing on this topic anymore. Its so annoying that the police don’t have anything better to do in Chennai than to go after clubbers! Oh lets forget about the rapists, murderers and wife beaters in TN, that all fits in with the culture, but lets go after two adults who snog, Ridiculous. oops Sorry I did say that I was gonna say no more on this topic! Shall go now 🙂

    PS: Tamilponnu when are you going clubbing in Chennai? Let me know, will join ya.


  9. TamilPonnu Avatar

    Agreed, Uma.. !

    There’s nothing wrong with showing public affection, or having a good time. We all work hard.. why not play hard! I’m going out tonight to a place called MemSahib in Maryland, with my hubby & friends – watch Belly dancers while you have dinner & drinks. It’s been a hectic week- I’m going all out!

    In JLo’s words ” Waiting for tonight!”


  10. Aravind Avatar

    I dont think women drinking is wrong.
    I dont think people kissing is wrong when compared to guys peeing on the road.
    I dont think wearing tops and jeans is cultural degradation.
    Cops have the right to go in & check any parties going on. discos are illegal in chennai. But i hope cops go to illegal bars in every street corner and crack them down than wasting their energies.
    Finally, prejudice and hypocracy are so well entrenched in people that blaming media alone is useless.


  11. passerby Avatar

    i had a few questions to ask:

    a) what is cultural degradation?

    b) if the girl who is prominently featured in the photo was your wife/daughter/girlfriend, would you proudly buy a zillion copies and pass it out to all your near and dear ones and friends and acquaintances asking them to marvel at that loved one’s catapult to fame?

    c) why is it wrong for a publication that make utilize sex to sell copies to question sexual explicitness elsewhere?


  12. Rajk Avatar

    For all those who criticize Communists ‘on the fly’ – did you ever read Marx ? Please do read, you might change your world-view.

    I strongly hate this habit of you guys just instinctively ( rather than with any knowledge)hate evrything about Marx and Communists. Fools.

    I am at pains to explain that if not for marx the world would have been a much worse a place to live with. Seems, i will have to start a blog myself. Only then I can explain everything.


  13. Nilu Avatar

    Yes I have. And I can assume more intellect than you can ever imagine ’cause thats what I do best.

    So keep your commie condescending crap elsewhere… you will only get laughed at.


  14. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Hey mr intelligent communist supporter. Marx told that communists should support one party in one state oppose them in neighboring state. And many more comical things our left is doing now? Better get your i q checked before calling us as fools 🙂


  15. Rajk Avatar

    keep your commie condescending crap ELSEWHERE(???????) When did you assume ownership of ?

    “GET” laughed at(???)


  16. F e r r a r i Avatar


    Thats the problem with communists and their supporters!!! Always assume stuff and talk about ownership.
    What next dude? Should we start a trade union for all commenters in lazygeek blog? 😛


  17. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    Hey Mr Ferrari, ever read Dicken’s Hard Times or equivalent works of the early industrial era. (All those pre revolution Russian novels for eg)
    Than you would understand what has been the contribution of Marx and socialistic ( and communistic) thought to the world. I agree they are not beyond mistakes. Yes they are dogmatic bunch. But then so is every system at some point of its life. Even the “bloody capitalistic” system of US was extremely dogmatic at one point of time (remember the great crash of 1920’s). It took a more sensible ( and humanistic) New Deal to bring up the economy. It is always easy to say that communists are anti-development. Well p
    there is nothing called development.All that is there is change and the LEFT “struggles” to ensure that any change has a human face to it.
    And regards double standards all parties have shown double standards at one point or the other.Indian left is no different. I guess personally they are a lot more honest.

    Nice to see yet another commie Rajk. Good day Comrade. Most commie bashers have not read anything beyond the ninth standard text books.So their comments can at best be ignored.

    And Nilu we have bigger idiots who believe in an
    Intelligent design (especially in US), God, purpose to life, ET and all that crap. I guess when compared to them being a commie sympathiser is much more humanistic and in my opinion a lot better.


  18. F e r r a r i Avatar


    for how long u ppl gonna talk abt Karl Marx and somethings that happened long long back?
    Enough of history crap. Get back to reality and see where the world is moving to.
    Lefts are honest???? Oh yes. KGB Agents are the most honest people in the world.
    We read many things apart from 9th standard text book. We read newspapers daily and we see whats happening. Where as you people still keep reading ONLY the history books and nothing else! Tch Tch!!


  19. Nilu Avatar


    Oh!!…how I wish, just how much….that reality will strike down upon thee with great vengence and furious anger …..but alas, I resist my temptation to get involved in taking you on a tour of logic.

    Indulge – for Hypocriscy of the weak is fascinating. It reveals more than what they try to hide.