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  1. Kushboo is great!!! I mean.. for speaking her mind.. Welcome to the new age, Indian ppl..

    Grrls are already having pre-marital sex.. OPEN UR EYES…


  2. overacted in Thangar issue

    got paid back by cheap politics

    got used by the media for couple of days sales..

    got her words misunderstood,twisted and turned by almost everyone….

    what else to say


  3. Varungaala Mudhalvar Vaazhga Vaazhga !!

    Vada Naattu Pagutharivu Thaaaye Nee Vaazhga Vaazhga !!!

    Thamizhagathin mael Paaindha Gangaye Vaazhga Vaazhga !!!

    Indha Ara loosungalukku Arivu thandha Muyandravale..umakku Eed Yaethu…uma Kulam Vaazhga Vaazhga !!!!


  4. hey guys, didn’t put the image up there without any veshamam. Just wanted to put it up there and see what comments come over. Generally to see what people think about the whole issue. Gimme more 🙂


  5. Podaradha dhaan poatteer. Priyanka chopra gowthamy sharapova indha madhiri poattu irundha naangalum sandosha pattu iruppoam. Namma all in all aNTi um sandosha pattu irupaar


  6. Nilu, moodum. Kovil katti kumbitta deivatha pathi indha madhiri sonna, ummachi kanna kuthidum.

    Ferrari, Enna en izhukara indha matter la. Priyanka Chopra, Sharapova ellam kuppai. But Gowthamy!!!! Thulli thirindha kaalatha nyabaga paduthitta….

    I don’t know why LG put this one up. Semma veshamum pidicha aalu dhaan pola 😉 In any case Khushboo en thanga thalaivi.

    Thalaivi Kushboo va pathi indha situation ukku etha madhiri oru thalaivar paatu irruku. Start la thalaivar audience a pathu oru look u vittu nambalayum paada solluvar…adada.. enna paatu.. enna lyrics..sooper..

    Kondaiyil Thaazham pooo..
    Nenjile Vaazha pooo..
    Koodaiyil Enna pooo?


    Onnatam pombala yaaradi
    Indha oorellam un pechu dhaan adi,

    How fitting.. 🙂


  7. Anti, Chumma thaan. see now people are creating their own meanings and ofcourse oru kalathila ‘ pottu vaitha kaathal thittam’ paatula enna kalakks.

    But never closer to the classy Gowthami.


  8. Kushboo Jay-aNTi aa :o?
    anantha..kadsiila kushboo range ku vandhutiyaa?
    ennadhaan PMS okay nu sonnaanganu ipdi pammidardhaa;)?


  9. ippa irrukira muthalvar
    appa enna senjaanka
    avanga katchi thalaivar
    v—-u irunthaanka

    ippa ulla aalunga,
    appa maathiri illanga,
    moodi vacha thellaamum
    ampalama seivaanga

    intha katha theriyunga,
    aana kanna moodathaan pudikunga,
    nEr ethira sonna thaan,
    namma sanam kanaiyyunga

    thamilnadu thalaiveenga
    thamil ponnunga leaderunga,
    unga thalavi kathai yenna,
    maranthu pOcha ippavunga

    vellai vEtti kaddinavanga
    ambathu vayasa thaandinavanga
    mozhi vithu, sandai mooddi
    vayitha kalivinavanga – namma arasiyalvaathinga (thamilarunga)

    avanga pEchu inraikku – athu vera pEchu naalaikku
    ivanga pEcha nambeenga, muddaalthanam vEndaanga

    Inga irukkiravanga yogiyam eppadinnu theriyum. Thankar sonnathu thappu, Kushpoo sonnathu thappu.

    Thankar sonnathu thappu. B/C Thankarku vai irukku, vera ellaam konjam gammi. Illayaraja vila irunthu, light boy varai, yellaar koodavum sanda.

    Kushpu sonnathu thappu. Aana sonna karuthu mattu unmai. Yenna, namma sanam unmai sonna kothikkum, athukum kuthura unmai. Namma aaluravangalE romba cheap. MGR, pombala ‘let me use weakness'(being polite), Karunanidhi, JJ vera yaar? Aana, ithey MGR, tamil star. Ithey Karunanidhi, tamil thalaivar, namma JJ, bharathi kanda puthumai penn. Don’t know why are general puthumai pen poraalikal are so ticked all of the sudden.


  10. Hi Guru,
    I am fed up with the bloggers’ view about the whole issue. I was really waiting for your response rather than asking others views.

    To tell you frankly, all those people who appreciate what kushboo said are either utter fools or too yanki-ised, to say the least.

    To make it clear: I am not a Brahmin. So sorry for my non-connoiseur view.

    1) why the hell those people who now interpret that Kushboo ussue is in retaliation for Thanker’s issue, did not raise hue and cry about Freedon of speech then ?

    2) I am a far more educated man than an Eighth-std. drop out -kushboo. Why shoud she advocate that like Sundar.C all youth must accept “second-hand wife”? To say that all men( alos all women) have sex before marriage is simple outrageous and deeply insulting. Who denies that it does happen but can a broad generalisation be made?

    4.) Please remember that Park and Chennai are not Tamilnadu. there’s a big world out there beyon them.

    5.) Will any one of you, i mean those who support Kushboo, marry a prostitute if she makes sure that she will not be pro after marriage? Because, after all you don’t bother about she having had sex before marriage. right?


  11. Rajk, this “getting fed up” is the biggest problem. Why get emotional, when all these political games are staged ? Sit back and relax. Kushbu had her opinion spoken. If it hurts you.. well, the best way simply is to Click on the next news..


  12. Why is the fuss….she might have said the truth…so better it not be the truth..u gals out there..prove it..


  13. kushboo is a great actress….wat she says is true in certain matters..she already had asked apologised for her comments…n i think they simply just make fuss over tis little tiny issue


  14. basically, most of the cini actress and actors are emotional and bounded with small circle, so they are not the right persons to get interviewd by press people,so the blame goes to the press persons.
    secondly , all the TV channels as well as the magazines are now concentrating only on cini people.lot of things are there in the world to explore and to have a debate
    clearing operations should start from the media and press persons


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