The Oscar Comedy – Redux !!

They are not allowing me to stop ranting on this subject. Just when I was about to close the Fox on Fire[FireFox..hee hee] and catch some sleep, I see this link on Sri Hari’s movie lane and that’s enough to blow my sleep.

The last sin they commited was to give Page 3 a national award and now they are selection a bunch of sloppy movies to go to the Oscars. I have been shouting lonely here, here and here on the comedy of sending Indian films to Oscars and to baffle me they have considered nominating films like Anniyan and Sachein. Probably someone’s making a mock of Oscar nominations from India.

First of all I don’t agree with this joke and even in the wildest of my dreams, if I agree, Swades and Black are two good contenders for the nomination. I know Amol Palekar as a great actor but haven’t watched any of his films including Paheli so gub-chup.

Anway for all of you to enjoy, I have selected text from the reviews of Sachein and Anniyan. You could relax on your seat and take a trip back to these movies !!

Sachein was horrendous. When the movie was announced, from the posters, I sensed that it was a going to be a 3 hour long advertisement like Minsara Kanavu. It ended up just as expected and was also hugely non-interesting. Yet another good example of how a movie can bore you to the core because of bad/no screenplay.

Sometimes tributes end up as screw-ups. Though being inspired and inspired again by his movies, Shankar fails poorly to display his tact in handling social subjects with proficient ease. Anniyan ends up being a bad exercise in execution and is undoubtedly a defective tribute to his own classics. I was sold even during the first 15 minutes of the movie. After that, just like a bad one day cricket match, the movie treads into an unrealistic path with a face mask of realism, only to bore you and me to the core.

Comedy Time-pa !!

9 responses to “The Oscar Comedy – Redux !!”

  1. Ippo dhaan aNTi blog la indha item padichu shock aanen. No problem. Adhe comment cut and paste pannidaren 😀

    ” Sachein for oscars????

    It doesnt even qualify for local bhaskar award. Where did oscar come into the picture??

    By any chance the movie was produced by oscar movies ravichandran?”


  2. Prabhu,

    Bhaskar Award is funny. But trule we should be looking at creating an award parallel to Oscar award and should plant in the minds of people that Oscars isn’t the final award for films. They are basically designed for hollywood flicks. So you cant blame them for all our mis-understandings.


  3. Venkat, I did read your note on Paheli making it to the top. Though, I haven’t seen Paheli and might not see it until this weekend, I take the liberty here to rant.

    Why do you think that picturesque palaces and colorful turbans are a nice way to show Indian Culture to the west. Are we still in the stone age of getting them upto speed on buzz words of indian culture like bangara/roti/desi/saree ? I don’t get it.


  4. Funny… reallllly funny.. when i read this in rediff the first thing i did was put a post on that and now a day later i see the same in ur blog! 😉 seriously seeing Sachien in the list!! and choosing paheli….