Recursive Moondrampirai

It was Moondraampirai played in a loop. It was 50 First Dates. It had Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starring. It had some pathetic dialogues like You are the girl for me and I’m the man for you. Still, it wasn’t boring. It was a light-hearted comedy. And above all it would make a great tamil film, if made without introducing anymore thaali sentiment.

The E.T kid is now a babe and she does the role with a perfect ease and full of grace. Though annoyingly loud, Adam Sandler does his Waterboy thing again. They only thing that didn’t gel with the movie is the Hawaiian backdrop for the movie. Its evident that the director chose a background like that to make the audience believe that the girl really didn’t have a chance to knwo the truth. On a city like Manhattan or even SFO, she could easily bump onto the truth of dates with the TV or the people around. Making her world smaller in this small countryside village, he was able to convince the audience. But the truth is that we aren’t used for a countryside romance from Hollywood. The last movie that I enjoyed with a similar setup was A Walk in the Clouds and it was nice then.

Not the kind of movie I would love to watch everytime but certainly more laughs per hour. Taking a guess on who would be flicking this movie in Tamil, I would say Charan(from his Jay Jay – Serendipity combo). And you ?

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  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    possible. how about one of Vijay’s aasthaana directors. it would make a good Vijay film than Simbhu or Dhanush. What say ?


  3. Jacky Avatar

    Maniratnam – Idhayathai Marakkathey.
    Shankar – Gentle Woman.
    Bharatiraja – Marathi puthithu.
    Balachandar – Aval oru Maranthupona Kathai.
    BaluMahendra – Athu oru Maranthupona Kalam.
    Cheran – Nyabagam Varaley Nyabagam Varaley
    Selvaragavan – Thulluvatho Marathi


  4. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    We’re seeing a lot of short-term-memory-loss cases of late… Memento, this and Ghajini to come…..


  5. Nitin Avatar

    LG, did you check this out


  6. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    Recursive? Adhu another loose-oda blog title madhiri irukkey ? 😉

    Amam, Gajini enna dhan Achu ?


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