Madras Maestro Strikes back !!

Sivapaana Aangal Ingey Sila Kodi Undu
Karupaana Ennai Kandu Kan Vaithathenna
Kadal Vannam Vaanin Vannam Karuvannam Thaaney
Kadal Vaanam Kaanum Podum Unnai Kanden Naaney

Kettukko Luck Kaalkilo Loss Kaalkilo Labour Kaalkilo
Sethukko Bhakthi Kaalkilo Hope Kaakilo Talent Kaalkilo
Ellanthaan Sethu Kattina Periya Pottalam

Manodu Saeraamal Nadakindren Unnaaley
Maruthaani Pusaamal Sivakkinren Unnaaley
Sundu Vizhi Kandaaley Sokkuthadi Thanaaley

Korava Meenu Kudhikkira Aaththukkulla
Koarappullu Molakkira Saethukkulla
En Kooda Sagathikkoothu Aadu Thai Thai Thai Thai Thai
Adi Othath Thuni Uduthik Kulipoamaa Vekkam Thalli Vai Vai

The dream team now has all the players. Let the jugalbandhi begin. I am truly thrilled !!

8 responses to “Madras Maestro Strikes back !!”

  1. Hello lazy geek, I like this blog since there is a tamil,sujatha,movie and down to earth humour touch. The song in this entry would be better read in tamil – any way is there a way to blog in tamil….I just want to try – there are some sites Okay the blog is one of my fav.


  2. I guess AR Rahman should have been the obvious choice when giants like Super star & Shankar came together. I expect this ulitimate combo to ROCK.


  3. Actually Rahman’s class will take a beating if he’s asked to compose songs like
    En peru Sadaiyappa
    Nan vippathu Vadai yappa
    Ithu en thodai yappa
    Odambu pura Padai yappa …
    But Shankar in there gives some hope.


  4. Whola! As judged from “Ah Aah” music release function, THE combo is back… as promised by ARR, he’s all set to deliver a row-of-hits in Tamizh. Awaiting!