Chandramukhi – Going Going Gone !!

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They are selling Chandramukhi’s properties online. Not that Chandramukhi is bankrupt but this is the right time to bank on Rajini and the movie’s popularity. So Sivaji Productions alongwith are auctioneering Rajini and Jyothika’s Chandramukhi costumes and its selling hot cakes already. Seems like the proceed from the auction are routed to Sivaji Prabhu Charities trust.

Not just the costumes, the winners of the auction will recieve their winning costume from Rajini himself on October 1st in Chennai. Writes Hindu

Sivaji Production and along with sold the sunglasses worn by superstar Rajnikant to a buyer in France for Rs. 25,000.

I personally think they should be a kept in some studio and used for the kollywood museum, which I propose just now.

I searched Ebay and found the series of Chandramukhi costumes listing. The costume shown above is the placed at Rs.100,000 outright buy. Wanna drive to office with that costume and tell your manager Laka Laka Laka, go for it baby !!.

14 responses to “Chandramukhi – Going Going Gone !!”

  1. aNTi Avatar

    Chey, ippo nu kaila suthama kaase illa!


  2. raapi Avatar

    epdi irkum kaasu ?
    adhaan CMukhi/Baabaa tkts laam Black la vaangiyae savingsa azhichutiyae?

    hmm..ennakidhaan thirundhuvaangalo therla makkal!


  3. Nithya Avatar

    oru 2 zeroes kammiya irundha try pannalam..;-)


  4. Maverick Avatar

    I heard that girls were going ga-ga over Rajini’s churidhars in ‘Athinthom…’ and ‘Konja Neram…’ songs. Nalla chance ippa vaangikkarthukku


  5. silicon sillu Avatar

    where is rajini’s wig, which is the only costume which he never missed, throughout the film?


  6. Preethi Avatar

    Lol, people are going GaaGaa(no more Lakka Lakka Lakka) over this I guess… Jo’s costumes were awesome… But nothing I would pay over 2000 rupees for… Cool blog… I’m blog rolling u… I hope thats fine…


  7. Tamil Avatar

    No one wants to donate part of profits (50 crores…100 crores….super duper hit in 4 states)!!! We felt so proud of the profits/collections. Now they wanted to sell more to donate, even for their own charities. Nice goin!


  8. Reflex Avatar

    Last line is too good. I couldn’t control my laughter dude. Think If we cant meet a deadline and if manager asks for the update, it is Laka Laka Laka….


  9. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Going by your famous trend, expecting a post on Kamal next 🙂


  10. Sudha Narayanan Avatar

    Lol… how crazy can thalaivar fans get?


  11. silicon sillu Avatar

    /I personally think they should be a kept in some studio and used for the kollywood museum, which I propose just now./

    lazy, do u really mean it? is the film such a great work? its neither all-time entertainer nor a cult classic film. its goin to be forgotten by time. i wont find anything great if all the costumes[excluding his Wig] are sold out bcos thats the attitude of Rajni fan be it a local or NRI. already i hav seen ppl selling the annamalai cycle, ect so i dont find this a grt acheivement.


  12. Govar Avatar

    I’d personally buy those glasses for 25K. If I sell after 10 yrs, it would return definitely more than our stock market, even at the current rate of rise…


  13. S. Srinivas Avatar

    Outrageous! But what the heck, if its used for a good cause..


  14. JAY Avatar

    The proceeds from the auctions goes to feed hungry stomachs….of Prabhu.


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