H1 Blues

Not exactly the right title. But there are a couple of interesting stuff happening.


Srikanth‘s new album, H1Bees, is all set to release on the 10th September, 2005. Apart from being a blogger Srikanth is an avid musician and has already released music albums including his own invention, Curry Rock, a genre that brings back nostalgic memoirs of Chennai. I have enjoyed listening to his previous albums. The best per me is his album on Bharathiyaar songs named Mahaakavi. Do listen to the sample clip and let him know your views. He will be more than interested in listening to you.

biloxi blues

Evam‘s new theatre release, Biloxi Blues, is currently being staged in Chennai. Going back to their roots of Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical play, EVAM is back in news. After their superhit play, Badal Sircar’s Indrajit, Biloxi Blues, is also set to become a gate-crasher. Read Hindu’s review here.

2 responses to “H1 Blues”

  1. filteredsambhar Avatar

    Heard the sample bit, liked it, best wishes to him. Anyways please check out my new blog Sambar 2 Sydney, talks about everything from my professional life as a cricketer to sambar to sydney at


  2. satya Avatar

    hmm…I cant say it’s fantastic. But i liked it in very strange funny way! May be it’s reminding me of my previous years…hahahaha

    Its nice…

    PS:BTW iam a regular visitor of your blog…I liked you kollywood titbits! lol! this is the first time iam posting something in here.


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