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Brewing Kaapi in a Starbucks city

Hemanth is currently visiting Seattle and having a nice time with movies / bad time without his Mac. We met over lunch yesterday and had fun time discussing Madras stuff and ofcourse a little bit of cinema. Incidentally, we found ourselves, that we both worked/work/will work for the same company back at chennai and here too.

After a naan filled lunch, we decided to walk back and started talking about cinemas and the famous Grand theatre at Anna Nagar. Hemanth is hanging out in Seattle for sometime and hopefully we will get to meet often to catch-up. I am not going to allow him to escape without talking about our respective blogs.

Read Hemanth’s interesting account on we stumbled against each other.

8 thoughts on “Brewing Kaapi in a Starbucks city

  1. Must have be an interesting conversation. Did you realize the 2 of you encouraged me to start a blog around the same time and gave me fundaes?


  2. Loved the title of the post. Just curious, how much time did you spend on coming up with that title.


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