Went up-the-hill

He said, “Now, go over to the curb and leave your car in an unmanned position”. A brain wave stuck, Oh !! this is the uphill stuff. I parked the car with the tyres in the uphill position. Pulled my hand brakes and said, “I’m done”. He said,” Downhill now”. I did the downhill stuff.

After I came back to the licensing office he said, ” You are a great driver. Too good for someone on a driving test. Just that you misplaced uphill as downhill and downhill as uphill. Take the test again. Better luck next time”.

Kavuthutaangappa Kavuthutaanga !!

10 responses to “Went up-the-hill”

  1. Yedho Indianla varra mathiri 11 poda sollama vittangale.. Ama, endha oorla indha uphill downhill stuff? Kelvi pattadhe illa in a driving test. Seattle is it?



  2. Lazy,

    Had a similar experience. I was taken to a road which was barely sloping in one direction. By no stretch of imagination was that a hilly road. The officer asked me to do a hill park. Being in the nervous state that I was,I asked “Uphill or Downhill”. “Drive back to where we came from” was the reply.


  3. Guru, it is the rare person who ever passes a driving test for the first time in the US (including Yours Truly who passed in the second attempt). You are just as “normal” as it gets in this matter. There is always a next time and it is likely to be your time of success 🙂


  4. Srini, Yes. Its in Seattle.

    Gayu, Thanks di.

    Ajay, Oh !! appidiya matter. accept me in the club.

    Cipher, Inga thollai thaangala.

    jawahar, thanks for the paavam.

    Sneha, Ennala mudiyalaye.

    Ananth, yo !! yo !!

    Thennavan, Nandri.